Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekly counterjihad links roundup

Again, there are many good articles on the net worthy of your eyeballs. Here's a few for the time constrained infidel:

Quotes from Saudi school textbooks...have a peak inside some textbooks written and approved by the Saudi Government that pass along pure Islamic hatred to the next generation. And since the Saudis export their ideology and teachings worldwide, this unfathomable hatred could be taught in a classroom near you.

The No State interesting proposal to settle the festering sore known as 'Palestine' once and for all. Sure, the Arabs will never go for it, but it still makes for entertaining reading.

The 'Oldest Hatred' by Mark Steyn...who says Jew hatred is just for Malaysians or Muslims? A new wave of antisemitism is sweeping the globe, with the recently concluded IDF's Operation Cast Lead as its pretext. Be sure to read the excerpt from a chilling phone call between the Mumbai terrorists and their controllers in Pakistan.

Top Saudi Cleric: OK for young girls to wed... Speaking of those progressive and enlightened Saudis, the kingdom's top cleric recently confirmed that Islam has no problem paedophiles--I mean with little girls marrying middle aged or older men. What this mainstream media article neglects to mention is that this cleric is making this declaration because his prophet Mo had a "child bride"...and if the 'prophet' did it, then it's OK for Muslims.

And finally, our counterjihad blog of the week, Sultan Knish. An excellent selection of articles can be found at this fine blog. Point your mouse over there and have a look.

That's all for today, fellow kuffar. Have a great infidel week!

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