Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Forest Fire Jihad in Australia?

In September 2008, a Muslim/Jihadist group urged that a 'bush fire jihad' be waged against Australia.

Five months on, deliberately set fires in Australia are wrecking havoc, causing unprecedented amounts of property damage and have killed, so far, over 170 people. Coincidence?

It's possible that the Jihadists may end up claiming credit for something that they actually have nothing to do with, the same way Al-Qaeda claimed credit for the massive US East Coast blackout a few years ago, in order to "strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah" (Qur'an 8:60).

Or perhaps one of Allah's 'noble warriors' actually did the deed and committed yet another act of mass murder in the name of his 'faith'.

With the police investigations only just starting, we may yet find out. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I hope it is the Muslims. Too many Muslims from South-East Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia are migrating to Australia, or heading there for studies.

Many concerned agencies have warned the Australian government to limit the number of Muslims in the country.

Muslims are the cause of much ethnic strife, intollerance, bigotry, hate, violence and the other negative aspects of Islam.

Muslims do not assimilate and at the back of their mind, loyalty to the hateful parts of the Qur’an always remains. Their facades of intollerance and peace, is a ruse meant to inspire trust and to learn the ways to defeat the infidel kuffars.

Abu Abdullah said...

Of course you can blame the forest fire on the "Religion of Peace." Remember, Allah is all powerful and all knowing. Allah would not be all powerful and all knowing if the fire was not under his control, would he? In other words, it is blasphemy for the slaves of Allah to deny the involvement of the "Religion of Peace" in the forest fire.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Mr 'Abu'-

Either you're deceiving the infidels, or you're confessing to mass murder. Either way, there will be no peace in this world as long as people like you live in it.

Rko said...

This is the thing about Muslims and the Qu'ran. Their double standards and view of non-Muslims as animals, worthy of being slaughtered and sacrificed to their so called god.

It's funny that developed countries still want to allow these muslims into their countries. It must be because of greed, ignorance and evil politicians?

Whatever it is. Islam is the enemy of the modern world. It's a clash of civilisations and the 1 billion Muslims need to either commit mass apostasy or destroy the western world, for the world to move on.

the terminator said...

Muslims by their words and deeds have shown their true colour the world over. They do not tolerate people of other faiths.

To them Islam and all the rot written in the Quran and hadith are the words of Allah through his prophet, Mohamad the womaniser, lecher,murderer,adulterer and pedophile.

No other known prophet or religious teacher has led such a wanton lecherous life as Mohamad. No other prophet has asked his follwers to kill, rape and have as many wives as he. No other prophet has asked for his portion of the spoils of war be it property, wealth, slaves or women and children.

Even if all the scholars were to point out the fallacies in the Quran and the barbaric ways Mohamad asked his followers to his way of thinking, the misguided Muslims will not and will never accept the truth. They are not capable of rational thinking.

To the Muslims people of other faiths are kafirs, infidels. To them kafirs should be converted or put to death. To these evil Muslims they take the liberty to call for a fatwa to put anybody to death for any trivial thing they consider a crime.

The best form of defeating this evil curse of a religion and its zombie followers is to deny them access to any and all civilized countries in Europe, US, Australia, NZ and even in Asia.

Even where these vermins have already settled, they should be deported to wherever they came from if they preach Islam, convert others, call for jihad or support Al Qaeda and other militant groups.

The above nations should put in place stringent laws to keep these rabid dogs from polluting their freedom and cultures.

All politicians who support Muslims and Islamic activities should be abhored as the plague. They should be treated as outcasts for looking up to these wretched creatures as their vote banks.

So long as the Muslims do not change in their outlook and life-style, they should be treated as outcasts in every society.


Anonymous said...


"The reason that this dispute has woken the British people is because it's a sudden change rather than a gradual, almost imperceptible attrition. If you look at the way that 'enrichment' has been implemented up to now, it has been a gradual destruction of our way of life - a death by a thousand cuts.

Each cut has been a minor annoyance, but not enough to bring people out on the streets.

- Nobody's actually rioted about the banning of 'Three Little Pigs' or crucifixes.

- People haven't been willing to die in a ditch about the gradual extension of the definition of Politically Incorrect speech.

- Nobody has taken to the barricades when the Union Jack and Flag of St George were deemed 'inappropriate'.

- Families have just had to grin and bear it when they've been pushed to the back of housing waiting-lists to make way for vibrant fast-breeders and their multiple wives."

More here .

Infidel Army said...

Anti-Muslim backlash around the world sees BIG SWING TO THE RIGHT


Non muslim said...

1. How dreadful are the curses which Mohammednism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy, Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the prophet rule or live.
A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every women must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, wife, or a concubine- must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Part of the problem with Isla is that there are few people willing to counter the cult’s arguments and say their ridiculous beliefs and science and conspiracy theories are rubbish. Non muslims don’t really know what stuff they believe and many daren’t speak out in the name of political correctness or multicultural respect. Yet the Madrassahs churn out millions of unscientific, unrational supermacists that can’t change, As the Jesuits used to say ” Give me a boy until seven, and I’ll show you the man.” Another revisionist history has the Moors conquest of Spain as also being a golden era. But if this were really true, then how come the spanish fought so hard to kick the Moors out? It is myth that a few fountains and gardens somehow made a civilization out of what was a barbarous, cruel and evil regime, The Romans in spain built much more substantia aqueducts and fountains, centuries before the muslims employed locals to build the Alhambra gardens. Muslims have never been able to invent anything really useful. Partly this is because
the schools concentrate on learning the koran word by word rather than true inquiries into nature, politics or anythin. They are taught not to question but to submit, to be a slave to allah.
They simply parrot the koran over and over and over again, rather than cultivate any spirit of enquiry, it is brainwashing . This is why Islamic societies always decline rather than improve, So it was that when the Ottomen Turks needed to repair St. Sophia, they had to import Armanians christian craftsmen to do it, just look at the numbers of nobel prize winners.
compare what billions of muslims have been able to come up with against say a small number of Jewish intelligensia, a fraction of one percent of the muslim population and the gulf between the ignorant backward culture of Mohmmedianism and other faith based cultures is obvious.
The reason that muslims are able to spread is that they use devious stratagens, They lie for their religion constantly pretending peace as a way to divide and conquer. This is known as al-taqiya and is a legitimate forms of war for mulsims. This Takkiya is a deception that muslims use constantly in the west to achieve their real ains of Islamic power. Another reason is that far from being a religion, they are really a highly motivated cult. Define a cult and you will be defining the traits of mohammedianism. Basically all cults have total restrictions on everything you do, eat and how you dress. A cult has you making frequent repititions as the dawn to dusk prayers five times a day forced on you. Cults are never tolerant. They regulate every aspect of life with beating worse for dissent. A cult tells you what god says or is like and discourages individual exploration. A cult says that only the leader(alive or dead as in mohammed’s case) can have personal relationship with god. Whereas a religion promotes your understanding of god and encourages indiidual interaction with god, a cult says that this is impossible and you can only please god by dong what the leader tells you to do. SO, ISLAM IS THE BIGGEST CULT THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN AND PEOPLE EMBRACING IT ARE LOOSERS.

Snake Oil Baron said...

It is important to remember that there are large numbers of people who are Muslims but do not understand the dangers or the Islamic doctrine. I know a small number of Muslims but they are decent people who are hurt and confused by the actions of their coreligionists. Just as many Christians have little understanding of the basic concepts of Christianity, so to have many Muslims only read the easy bits of the Koran. Both Christians and secularists need to reach out to Muslims and offer them a path out of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Malay Muslim Malaysian governemnt frees suspected al Qaeda pilot and 2 two other Islamic militants!


the terminator said...

Malay Muslim Malaysian governemnt frees suspected al Qaeda pilot and 2 two other Islamic militants!


In Malaysia the Muslim Government would gladly condone and even covertly encourage the activities of terrorists and militants so long as they do not antagonize or question the corrupt activities of the government.

The minority races who are non-Malay and non-Muslims are persecuted for trivial reasons. The Hindraf movement which questioned the Muslim government for marginalising the Indians and the wanton destruction of Hindu temples has been outlawed. The Hindraf movement's 5 leaders are still incarcerated in the detention camp at Kamunting and their leader, Weythamurthy is living self-exile overseas in fear of his life. He would be arrested and detained under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) the moment he returns to Malaysia.

The Malaysian Muslim government has been very vociferous about the Guantanamo detention facility in Cuba run by the Americans as an affront to humanity and basic human rights.

Yet the same Malaysian Muslim government has incarcerated nearly a 100 citizens who had questioned the excesses of the government. Most of those detained without trial from a minimum 2 years to more than 8 years are ordinary people and leaders from the opposition political parties. The Malays who are still under detention are not real militants or terrorists. They are more political agitators who want reforms in the political setup in Malaysia which is highly corrupted. The Judiciary, Legislature and the Police Force have all been corrupted by the government especially during the 22years of authoritarian rule of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Now even the Royalty (the most number found in a small democratic monarchy anywhere in the world) are subservient to the government so as not to lose their privy purses and other perks.

The Malay Muslim Government of the day would preach about violation of human rights to the world but it is the worst abuser and violator of basic human rights.

It would not take any action against known terrorists and militants. In fact it is the benefactor of the terrorist and regional separatist movements in the ASEAN region. It covertly supports the MORO Muslims in the Philipines, the terror Muslim groups in Southern Thailand, just to name a few.

All these is done under the guise of a modern and moderate Islamic government. It is high time the world realizes the true face of the Malaysian Muslim government.

This corrupted government is trying to become the champion of the Muslim world by mindlessly condemning Israel but at the same time it is omenously silent about the atrocities of the Hamas, Hesbollah and the suicide bombings in non-Muslim nations by the Muslim jehadis. The Malaysian Muslims are the worst munafiqs in the world.

Anonymous said...

Islam is doomed.

Anonymous said...

Permanent and enduring watchfulness are required to prevent such attacks.
Tag all suspects with GPS.

Amin said...

The arsonist was a Jesus freak Christian. Now what you got to say Islam hater fags.

Abu Abdullah said...

The arsonist was a Jesus freak Christian. Now what you got to say Islam hater fags.

What? Are you saying that the fires are not Allah's will? How can that be? Isn't Allah suppposed to be all powerful and all knowing and in control of EVERYTHING? Your denial that the fires are Allah's will is tantamount to apostasy and blasphemy against Allah.