Sunday, February 15, 2009

Government for sale in Malaysia

Malaysia has recently convulsed itself through another shocking political scandal. For non Malaysians, or for those not familiar with the situation, it seems that one of the state governments captured in last year's national elections by the opposition coalition PKR was recently 'flipped' back to the ruling party's control. Voila! And the deed was done, with no messy elections required.

The Malaysian state where this all occurred is Perak, a name which in English ironically enough means 'silver'. I say it's ironic when one considers that almost certainly that quite a lot of silver changed hands to give that state's government back to the National Front (i.e. Barisan Nasional or BN, meaning UMNO), the party that has long (50+ years) dominated Malaysian politics.

In events that are still mysterious, in the days and weeks before the scandal broke, it seems a small number of key legislators, all of whom were nominal members of the PKR opposition coalition, were 'persuaded' via murky means to switch their political allegiance to BN/UMNO. PKR's majority was so slim in the state parliament that it only required four legislators to cross the aisle. Once that Rubicon was crossed, the Sultan of Perak (i.e. the 'King' of the state) promptly dissolved PKR's parliament and had the state's governor ('Menteri Besar', a PKR guy) physically removed from the Governor's sumptuous residence. A BN lackey immediately took over that post.

PKR is swearing that they will redress the matter in the courts. But since Malaysia's legal and court system was created by BN and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BN, you can imagine just how effective PKR's lawsuit-to-be is going to work out for them.

This goes to show you that while politics is politics no matter where you go, in Malaysia that particular swamp is so deep, it is well nigh impossible to drain. There is a political environment where politicians are in essence for hire to the highest bidder, available to anyone for the right price, for the highest price the market can bear. This ethical depravity is a reflection of the moral environment and of the culture of the country. And in Malaysia, a major component of that culture is Islam.

People constantly wonder why Muslim countries continue to be morally bankrupt, backward and retrograde in all the ways that matter (economic, political, technological, etc.). Why is the idea of 'clean government' an alien, unfathomable idea to Muslim societies, an idea impossible to implement, realise or carry out?

Once one studies Islam, the answer to that vexing question becomes clear. Islam has no overarching moral or ethical code, nothing beyond 'might makes right' or 'whatever is best for Muslims is ethical' or 'whatever Mo the messenger/warlord/paedophile did is moral'. There is certainly no Golden Rule or anything remotely resembling universal values.

So it's no wonder corruption like this is passed from one generation or even from one party to the next, no matter what is supposedly done to stop it.


Anonymous said...

The licking muslim arse West is no better.


The Anti-Jihadist said...

I beg to differ, ea.