Friday, February 27, 2009

Men of Custard

”Man is born free, but is everywhere in chains.” – Jean Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, French political philosopher (1712 - 1778)

Politicians today are craven! They do NOT deserve our respect!

Politicians, at least in the United Kingdom, are career politicians who only rarely have pursued other careers before entering Parliament.

In years gone by, this was very different: Men, and I mean men, used to go into politics when they had achieved a great deal in the real world, and when they felt that they had enough money to spend the rest of their working lives in the pursuit of improving the lot of the people. They were beholden unto no one, because they had made their money before entering politics, and were thus prepared to work for a relatively modest remuneration in order to try and improve the lot of the masses. Because they were men of independent means, they could speak their minds.

What we have today is but a mere pathetic shadow of the politicians of yore. What we have today are ‘company men’, party men, if you will. They toe the party line; and are terrified of losing their positions. How many politicians have you heard of recently who have been prepared to resign on a point of principle? Few, I would wager.

We, at least in the UK, are all the poorer for this sad development. It means that our politicians are far more concerned about their next pay packet than they are about the real concerns of politics.

Recent events have shown us, and very, very clearly, that our politicians are craven, unprincipled, and weak. Weak beyond measure!

The Houses of Parliament are peopled not only by men, but they are peopled by women also. To a great extent, British politics has become feminized. Bringing women into the political arena is, in many ways, a great thing; but it can only be a great thing if the women coming into politics can take the tough decisions necessary to ensure that our Judeo-Christian civilization can survive and thrive. Of late, this has clearly NOT been happening. On the contrary, our Judeo-Christian civilization, a civilization which has given us so, so much, has been dangerously weakened.

Just observe what has been happening in the United Kingdom! Just observe the pathetically weak and craven way that this NuLabour government has dealt with the threat that Islam has posed this nation! The ministers and politicians, all of whom are running scared, have placated these Muslims, even to the point of banning Geert Wilders from entering the country to show his film, Fitna, in the House of Lords.

It is abhorrent, to say nothing of being craven, to say nothing of being unworthy, to have banned this courageous man from this country. The decision was as disgusting as it was undemocratic. We in the United Kingdom were raised to expect our freedom of speech, we were raised to expect liberty. Yet, what has this awful government given us? Nothing but surrender to the forces of evil, surrender to the forces of darkness, surrender to the Jihad being waged against us. How can our politicians expect us willingly to embrace Muslims when we can see so plainly – it is as plain as the nose on your face – that Muslims are the cause of our loss of freedoms? How can this bring harmony in the community? Of course, it cannot!

The war on Islamic terror over the past years has been fought by politicians hell-bent on taking away the freedoms of the innocent people upon whom the ‘war on terror’ has been waged – the victims. Instead of targeting the perpetrators of the crimes, our ‘leaders’ have chosen to bring hurt upon the innocent. Why? Because they lack the courage necessary to punish the people who are perpetrating the crimes. Why? Because they know that if they were to punish the perpetrators of the crimes, they would meet with fierce opposition, whilst they know that by punishing the innocent, they will meet with nothing but meek and mild opposition, if indeed they meet with opposition at all.

Our so-called leaders, craven leaders almost all, decided that the ‘war on terror’ would be waged by taking your freedoms away, and mine. They decided that they would take our freedom away to criticize religion in general, and Islam in particular. (Oh, for the love of Allah, don’t criticize Islam!) As a result of this, and other stupidities, we now find ourselves with our hands tied firmly behind our backs, we find ourselves with a pitifully weakened voice. That’s how stupid and craven the politicians are that now lead us.

But can I tell you this: It is our birthright to be able to criticize Islam; it is our birthright to be able to criticize the Prophet Muhammad.

This is why it is IMPERATIVE that we be given an ‘international first amendment’, which Geert Wilders has called for, and which the International Free Press Society has called for, too. No constitution that the EU will write will be worth a damn if there is within it no ‘first amendment’. The people need to be free to speak their minds; they need to be free to criticize religion, any religion, and they need to be free to criticize any prophets considered to be – at least by some – the expounders of those faiths. No prophet, no god, must be above criticism, for any god worthy of being worshipped will accept such criticism. A god which cannot accept such criticism, a prophet who cannot accept such criticism, cannot be worthy of being worshipped at all! NO religion worthy of its salt is above criticism!

But our politicians are weak and craven and lacking in spunk: they cannot find it within themselves to criticize those who perpetrate crimes in the name of their pathetic religions, still less to criticize the religions themselves.

This is why our politicians are not worthy of being followed. This is why our politicians are not worthy of the title of ‘leaders’. This is why there is need of change at the top, this is why we are in need of change in the establishment.

We need leaders of spunk, but all I see around me are leaders of custard!

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the terminator said...

It is a fact that we see such craven leaders without spunk in all the democracies of the free world. Free only in name but not in substance.

All these so-called great political leaders do not have the 'scrotal gumption' to call a spade a spade. They are more interested in securing votes from their Muslim vote banks that they pander to these vermins espousing jihad and wanton atrocities in their quest for world domination.

The day the Muslim world has amassed enough nuclear bombs, they would not hesitate to use those to achieve their evil goals.

All peace loving and concerned citizens who want to leave a better world for their future generations should make a concerted effort to ditch these craven and deceitful politicians who are willing to sell the future to the Muslim immigrants who have no right to be in civilized countries.

These barbaric Muslims should go back to the deserts from where they and their religious ideology originated.

All Muslims who preach hatred, violence, jihad and are not able to co-exist with others of a differenct faith should be summarily deported. They can when their time is up, join their prophet who is nothing but a crazy murderer, brigand, lecher, womaniser, slave trader and a pedophile of the worst kind.

Mark said...


So, so true! In a few words, you have said so, so much. I, of course, can only agree.

Never in my wildest dreams many years ago would I have thought that the British political establishment would become this cowardly. But this cowardly it has become.

The future looks bleak and very uncertain. It can but trouble anyone to think about it.

xRey said...

Mahaguru58 said..

Orang orang Melayu Muslim Malaysia kini bagaikan berada di neraca yang bila bila masa sahaja mungkin berat ke arah penguasaan puak puak kuffar.

Kerajaan Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan contoh ternyata tentang perubahan kuasa politik ini. Bilamana Kerajaan Perak Pakatan DAP-PKR-PAS menyaksikan parti DAP, sebuah parti yang diterajui oleh kuffar yang terang terangan menyeterui Ad Deenullah memenangi sebilangan besar kerusi perwakilan politik di Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak @ 18 kerusi ADUN, parti pelbagai bangsa PKR memenangi 7 kerusi ADUN dan Parti Islam seMalaysia memenangi cuma 6 sahaja kerusi ADUN, maka sudah tentu pihak Kesultanan Melayu Perak yang berkuasa ke atas negeri tersebut sudah tentu tidak mahu bermenteri besarkan seorang Kuffar memerintah kerajaan negeri mereka!

Itulah sebabnya bialamana sahaja berlaku pertualangan 3 orang ahli Kerajaan Pakatan DAP-PKR-PAS kepada pengisytiharan mereka bahawa mereka memilih untuk keluar parti dan bebas tetapi menyokong BN, pertimbangan kuasa politik berubah kepada BN dan membuka pintu kepada Tuanku Sultan Perak membetulkan keadaan dan serta merta memecat Kerajaan DAP-PKR-PAS untuk mengembalikan kuasa politik kepada BN (UMNO 27 kerusi + MCA 1 kerusi ADUN) dan secara dasarnya Melayu kembali berkuasa di Perak Darul Ridzuan.

INDIAN muslim...mamak tongkang...thinks n talks like he is full fledged Malay...even the TRUE MALAYS dont talk that way

Anonymous said...

It is indeed sad to see, the empire that once span the entire globe and 'the sun does not set' has not only shrunk to it's present size.The once macho leading men of the british empire have likewise shrunken balls that is the stature of the present politicians. god save the queen, may allah have mercy on you.


Mark said...


May Allah have mercy on us, indeed! It would appear that we are witnessing the unravelling of our once great nation.

Anonymous said...

Want to Know What a Former Superpower Looks Like?
No need to scour the history books.

Bankrupt & Broken & Cowardly.


Mark said...


Want to Know What a Former Superpower Looks Like? No need to scour the history books. LOOK AT BRITAIN.Bankrupt & Broken & Cowardly.

Hurtful though it is to read, it's true. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

To Those In The West that Care for
Country, & Their Christian Heritage.

White guilt’ helps Islamists, moderate Muslims say

In their view, the liberal and left-leaning Canadian intelligentsia is wracked by guilt and contempt for their own intellectual heritage and they do all they can to stand up for radical Islamists whose agendas are more closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood than to Canadian freedoms.
So spoke Tarek Fatah and Salim Mansur .

For more:

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Islamic terrorist training camps in USA

Take a look at this link also

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The West is to Blame for the flourishing of the Scourge of the Earth. That's what pussies do.