Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anti NATO conference comes to Kuala Lumpur

Anti NATO conference comes to Kuala Lumpur

I just learned about this today. The enemies of democracy and freedom, the western world and of the US in particular, i.e. Muslims, are having a get-together of sorts here in (where else) Malaysia just two weeks from now. Their objective? To rally Muslims everywhere against the Great Satan (America), and more specifically, the Great Satan's chief international alliance, i.e. NATO. Have a look at the graphic and hysterical poster they've concocted for the event. "Raising awareness against NATO domination", it reads. Don't you just love the menacing skulls?

In the same otherworldly vein, the proclaimed goal of the conference is: "To unite the people of Islam and the world altogether with regards to NATO’s activities in the Muslim world taking into consideration that NATO want to control Palestinian lands too, which means an army of foreign troops controlling the Third Muslim Holy Land." Got that? Americans are about to invade Gaza!! Quick, somebody call the New York Times!! The sky is falling!!

Maybe they'll get the little monkey of Teheran to make an appearance. Maybe the Russian and Chinese ambassadors could show up to do some networking, too. They'd all feel right at home,


Anonymous said...

North Korea will be showing up. Pakisatan will also like to come, but we are busy fooling everybody that we are friendly and non menacing.

OldKingColeslaw said...

What? I am pretty sure that (most) muslims are anti-NATO because they are afraid of a powerful organization they can't be a part of. Same goes with America's opinions of OPEC or West Sahara's fear of the African Union. It's a political thing,(you know politicians, just fear and greed), not an exclusively religious thing. But you do bring up some good points.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the US bashing from the so-called muslims in malaysia. Its general knowledge that the muslims in malaysia are ultra corrupt, worship sex, murder and money.
Their hidden agenda would most likely be to strike deals to make money so that they can retire in places like the US, UK, Australia etc. with their families. After all, they already have mansions/condominiums and luxury cars in those countries.

Don't believe me? Get your stupid muslim heads out of your swine-flu infected arses and do some research of your own.

Hint Do

Anonymous said...

Muslims in South Asia and South East Asia should read the article published by the official Global Times (April 15) reveals a thinking currently under discussion in Beijing, over a possible new doctrine regarding Asia. The article written by Senior Chinese expert Zheng Youngnian currently a visiting adjunct and director of the Center for East Asian Studies at the Singapore National University, claims Asia is China’s “great backyard”, and China’s rise must first be in Asia only by acquiring the capabilities to resolve various issues in the continent - an euphemism for intervention in the hot spots. The article suggests that while China has won a significant position in the world by its investments and involvement in Latin America and Africa, to be really effective it must acquire the preeminent position in Asia and, if need be, through power diplomacy and power projection.

Zheng advocates the use of power to resolve emerging hot spots that can rise to a crisis level and destabilize China’s stability, security and territorial integrity. He further cautions that while relations with major powers cannot be ignored, as the same time small countries cannot be neglected in any way.
Zhengs article was also published in the Singapore daily United Morning Post giving it wide publicity in south East Asia and the Asia Pacific region. The message is unmistakable and would raise concerns in Asia, especially for countries which have territorial disputes with China and those harbouring any intention of forming an alliance to stand up to China.

These developments culminated with the Chinese naval review on April 23, in which an unprecedented fifty-six Chinese submarines, destroyers, frigates, missile boats and aircraft were displayed to invited foreign navies including the Indian and US navies. The naval parade was led by two Chinese nuclear submarines which were kept secret from foreigners till now.

Draw your conclusions, but China has long long decided that South East Asia is theirs.

Remember the tsunami guys. Big message there.


Anonymous said...

Agree here with Anonymous 1:53 AM.

If there is another world war, China will probably the new Nazis in it.

Malays are among the bastard monkey races of the world. They single handedly have screwed up a country that had so much potential.

Cursed and doomed forever, the Malay race is guaranteed a prime spot in hell.