Monday, May 25, 2009

I Am Back

I understand that I have been away for a while now. I can't even remember the last time I actually wrote an article. Anyway, I am back and I hope to stay for a long while.

I just wanted to tell those of you who used to follow my writings what I've been upto. Around the time that I left, it was really hard and suffocating for me at my home. Things just seemed to go downhill and I couldn't take it anymore. To be honest, it was so hard that I was giving up and just wanted an easy way out. I had lost the will to fight on and I finally gave up writing.

During this time of absence a lot changed though. I got a job, my first ever job, at a bank. I was working for its call center, listening to people rant all day long--I hated it.

I moved out of my house last year to live with some people from church for a while (oh I go regularly to a church now). I stayed in the house of one of the families while they were away and then in the maid's room of another family.

Then I changed my job and joined an Airline as cabin crew. This new job was better because I got my own accomodation and it keeps me away from my family and gives me the freedom to do whatever I want to do. It also takes me to different corners of the world where I wouldn't even dream of going if it wasn't for this job (for example: When I went to Germany, I went to the concentration camp in Dachau near was the most depressing place I have ever seen but I am glad I went there because it backs up what I have read in history books and watched in historically accurate movies.)

I also met the most beautiful girl in this world about 2 years ago. We got engaged March 31st of this year. She is such a blessing in my life and is always so uplifting. She is the reason I even thought about coming back to blogging. She helped me gain the strength that I had before--to never give up and to keep fighting on. She helped me realize that I might not see it but maybe in some corner of this world what I do does make a difference. She has been my support all this time never leaving my side even when I was most miserable and weak.

During all this time, I have had to take a lot of "leaps of faith" but my fiancee has always been there to support me and keep me going and God has always come through, never giving me any reason to doubt that He is looking after me.

I left the blogging world all broken and bruised thinking my job here was done and that I needed to take care of myself first but as everyday passes I feel the need to write again. Things are going from bad to worse and I don't see this trend changing. Now is not the time for me to be a wuss. I think right now is the time when I should be speaking up the most. I will try to write as regularly as possible but can't make any promises right now. As I start to write, I think I will get more and more regular.

Thank you all for your support over the years and for yours prayers. I am back now hoping to make a difference together with the teams at PI and IBLOGA.


Always On Watch said...

I go regularly to a church nowWonderful! You are getting feeding in the Word! This will keep you strong in the Lord.

She helped me realize that I might not see it but maybe in some corner of this world what I do does make a difference.Of course we soldiers of Christ make a difference! Sometimes we don't see the difference. But we have our Lord's promise that He sees and makes sure that our commitment to Him yields fruit.

Looking forward to more of your postings!

Pastorius said...

It's good to have you back.


The Merry Widow said...

And I'm delighted that you have healed enough to return...battles are bruising and exhausting, but G*D is gracious enough to give us R&R.

Been praying for you, and certainly will be praying for your fiancee...I'm thrilled!

Just being obedient to the Lord makes a dent in this world...may you "dent" away, brother!
G*D bless and MARANATHA!


trumpetzzz said...

Good to have you back!

dano said...

welcome back!

European Kafir said...

welcome back apostate... missed your blogs:).

congrats on your engagement too:).

greetings from switzerland

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for welcoming me back. Its good to see you remember me even though I've been lousy when it comes to keeping in touch.

Hope to be more regular in posting. Thanks for your support!

Pastorius said...

Avenging Apostate,
There is a commenter over at IBA, named Jin, who I believe could use some encouraging words from you.

You'll find his comments in this thread: