Monday, May 25, 2009

Terrorist Group Destroyed, "International Community" unimpressed

The past few days have seen the end of one of the most vicious terror groups on the planet. The so-called 'Tamil Tigers', a group that was dedicated to the partition of the island country of Sri Lanka, has been decisively defeated by the military forces of the Sri Lankan Government. The Tigers' weapons have been destroyed or captured and its leaders have been killed after over 25 years of civil war. The Tigers were prolific users of suicide bombers (especially female suicide bombers), child soldiers, civilian shields, bombings of civilian targets, and assassinations of political leaders (including Rajiv Gandhi). Clearly, the destruction of this group is a cause for celebration for civilized people everywhere.

Only that isn't happening. The International Community--who will not and cannot claim any credit for this victory over terror--are too busy wringing their hands over 'human rights' and the 'safety of civilians'. These supposed guardians of the moral high ground seem to have forgotten that in their never-ending quest to safeguard 'human rights' and to 'protect civilians', they actually prolonged the agony of Sri Lanka's brutal war. That may not have been their intention, but it was most certainly the net effect. The Tamil Tiger's exploitation of the UN, western NGOs, ceasefire monitors and others--never mind the sympathies these very same parties had for the Tigers--was ruthless as it was commonplace.

So, if you are fighting people like the Tamil Tigers, you should use the following strategy:

  • Use Brute Force–often
  • Forget About Negotiations–unless a temporary cessation of hostilities is tactically useful
  • Understand that Collateral Damage Is Acceptable–especially when it happens to people who are sympathetic to the people you’re fighting
  • The Press Should Shut Up. Hint to them that there is a very good chance that they too stand a good chance of being part of that Collateral Damage that they despise so much.

And last but not least...keep the "international community" at arm's length. At best, they will be a nuisance, and at worst, they are in bed with your worse enemies. Either way, they aren't going to save your posterior when the wolf is at your door. Just ask anybody in charge in Colombo about that.

Sounds like these are some good lessons to remember in this Age of Jihad. Aren't they?


trumpetzzz said...

The LTTE are terrorosts and collateral damage (civilian deaths) is unfortunate. I commend the Sri Lankan Army for their victory. If they truly wished to inflict civilian deaths the war would have ended months ago. Damn the idiotic part of the world for condemning Sri Lanka.

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