Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pat Condell and Female Containment Units


trumpetzzz said...

The West is making a big mistake. These people are not trying to assimilate into society. They have a sick mind and think they are righteous. Ban the "burqa" and cease building of mosques.

Mark said...

The British government doesn't have the courage to take such a step. Only Sarkozy of France has that courage. And what he has stated is absolutely right.

How can we possibly expect assimilation if they are to be allowed to continue to wear the burqa?

Fact is, they are using the burqa, which is not necessary for a woman to wear in Islam, as a means to set themselves apart. And we are allowing them to do that. We are fools.

hellosnackbar said...

Islam represents an opportunity for
comedy and satire that is unrivaled.
It is a source of amazement to me that our experienced satirists ignore this seam of comedy gold.
Daft fatwahs,fancy dress,and a belief
system based on the ravings of a psychopathic murderer who convinced
his stupid followers that there was only one god(the one he invented);who only spoke to him.
How can anyone who has reached the age of reason believe nonsense
that is on a par with Santa Claus
and fairies in the garden?
Comedic ridicule of Muslims is a powerful weapon with which Islam could be marginalised as the totalitarian death cult which it so patently is.
When Muslims are seen by the majority as misguided clowns; then perhaps apostacy will become commonplace.
For me Islam =stupidity=failure.
Our heros of satire should employ
that which they stand for: The unfettered use of free speech.