Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who’d Want to Be Ruled by Boring Old Farts in Iran?

Isn’t it high time that Obama spoke up for freedom? Isn’t it high time he stood by the side of the young people of Iran who are so obviously crying out for help to overthrow the tyranny they have to live with, and live under?

Obama said that he didn’t want to ‘meddle’ in the internal affairs of Iran. When did the idea of ‘meddling’ ever stop Obama before? He has meddled in the US car industry, he has meddled in banking affairs, he is meddling in the health-care industry, and he is going to meddle in European affairs, by insisting that the EU accept Turkey as a member state, even though most Europeans want nothing to do with the accession of that predominantly and backward nation to the Union. Yet, when it comes to ‘meddling’ in the affairs of Iran, Obama wants nothing to do with it. Funny that! Strange that!

Iran suppresses its people. Iran’s system is totally corrupt. Iran is brutal with the Iranians. Iran is totally un-democratic. Iran is also enriching uranium under our noses in order to get the atomic bomb; yet Obama feels that it would be wrong to ‘meddle’ in its internal affairs.

For God’s sake, Obama, this is a gift on a plate for you! The young of Iran have done all the work. It is high time, therefore, that the situatiuon be exploited. The vast majority of the educated people of Iran do not want the theocracy they have to live under. This has become self-evident in the last few days. Instead, these demonstrators want their human rights and freedom. They want freedom from tyranny, freedom to live their lives as they choose. Yet the best thing that you, Obama, can come up with is that you don’t want to ‘meddle’.

What a weak, lame excuse! It’s time for you to grow a backbone. It’s time for you, Obama, to get tough. It is not in the best interests of the world for this corrupt system to survive. After all, who the hell would want to be ruled by boring, old, bloodthirsty farts like the mullahs of Iran? And who wants to allow them to stay in power long enough to get the atomic bomb?
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European Kafir said...
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European Kafir said...

Obama is no more, nor less than what I felt he is going to be, after having heard his first speech during his campaign: he goes with the wind, he is a coward. He will "meddle", sooner or later, with Iran internal affairs.. BUT only when he knows who won. Then he will be on the side of the winner.
He is pathetic, no spine, no personality... all big mouth, showman, attention seeker. He loves to be in the middle of attention.. like a moviestar.

Mark said...

European Kafir:

I can only agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. He is a loser indeed!