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My Testimony

Over 3 years ago when I put up my testimony, this is what I had to say:

Everyone can read the Koran, the Hadiths and the history that has been written down but very few from the outside of the circle of Islam know what actually goes on inside the confines of the death-cult. To expose that is one of my major reasons for blogging.
I stopped blogging for about a year and a half and I have been asked to put my testimony up again. I think this will help people understand where I come from and why I hold the views that I do.

Here is my story in 6 parts:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

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Surprise, Surprise! Hussein Ain't God, You Dumb Liberal Fools!

Watching it was good fun!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


An Apology to Michael Travis

A couple of days ago I put up a post titled "George Bush: A President With Balls!" Well, I have decided to take that off because of the following comment over at IBLOGA by Michael Travis:

Avenging Apostate...I understand your position and respect your switch to

I am Israeli....and suffered greatly from GWB's actions. I watched as a neighbour girl was blown up a few meters from me. I was one of the first on the scene when the Dolphinarium disco was attacked and dozens of innocent kids were murdered..........Bush's initial response to those incidents was and angry "No, that is not terrorism"! HE spoke on camera and off the cuff. Of course after consultation he denounced the attacks...using the same words as Arafat. Very sincere.

I can also never forget the promises to the Arabs in Egypt, Morroco, and Spain made by Colin Powell...."All options are on the table" (With regard to "Military intervention" or bombing Israel to make us accept the unacceptable.)

I don't believe in being politically correct. Or changing something because somebody else might get offended. But I was unaware of these things that Michael Travis brough to my attention. I put up an Israeli flag as the image for my profile not just because Muslims hate Israel but because I support Israel with all my heart. And if Bush, or anyone for that matter, is in any way against Israel, well they can forget about my support.

So that post of mine will be taken down and I want to sincerely apologize to Michael Travis for putting up that post in the first place.

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A new book--Islam: Evil in the Name of God

from the Pedestrian Infidel inbox...

Dear readers of Pedestrian Infidel:

I have written a book titled: A God of Moral Perfection. Islam: Evil In The Name of God. As the Last Prophet of God I have destroyed Islam with just one word. My book (479 pages) exposes the evil of this ideology and the very grave danger posed to all freedom loving peoples everywhere. I do not give any politically correct, multi- cultural dribble. Needless to say the book has been black listed by all major publishers and book distributors. All major self publishing publishers refused to publish the book even though I was paying for the publication. The self publishing firm - Authorhouse called the book “hate speech” and of course they are absolutely correct since the Koran qualifies as hate speech. This is stealth censorship.

I have brought mankind directly from God - Declaration of A God of Moral Perfection (see chapter 1). The central theme of this Declaration is that only a God of Moral Perfection is God. If the Creator is not Moral Perfection then the creator is not God and therefore God is not God.

Any teaching that pertains to be the word of God that is not Moral Perfection is not a teaching from God but from men and for the most part – evil men who seek to usurp the divine authority of God for their own evil purposes of power and glory.

Any book that is declared to be the timeless, divine word of God written by God Himself that contains just ONE word of immoral imperfection then the entire book is not the word of God, was never written by God and therefore the entire religion proclaiming that God wrote the book is totally and completely bogus, a sham and a fraud. In case there is any doubt the book is the Koran – the most evil, evilest book ever written and the evil, evilest religion is Islam.

All freedom loving peoples must join together and demand from their political and religious leaders that the Declaration of a God of Moral Perfection be added to their constitutions and taught in every place of worship and in every school. All major religious leaders including the Pope must declare that only a God of Moral Perfection is God and adapt/sign the Declaration. The Republication Party needs to adopt this Declaration and bring it before the Congress. By passing this Declaration, Congress will declare WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE STAND FOR AS A PEOPLE. Women’s rights, equality of all peoples, freedom of speech, press etc are central parts of the Declaration of A God of Moral Perfection.

The Republican Party and Congress do not even have to mention Islam since this would be an act of courage not seen since Ronald Reagan and his evil empire /bring down this wall speech. However just passing this Declaration would be a very important first step.

As for Islam, we must demand that Muslims sign this Declaration and since signing treaties/declarations with Kafirs is meaningless, we must further demand that 16 changes to be incorporated into the Koran (see chapter 34). (Of course these changes are impossible.) Business must be inoculated by Congress against lawsuits by Muslims for not allowing them to pray 5 times a day on the job or taxi drivers being fired for refusing to transport blind people with seeing eye dogs and then suing etc. (Read Stealth Jihad by Robert Spencer). There can be no showing of any respect for Islam. No inviting Muslims to pray at political or any other events. We must reach out to Muslims to abandon their AntiGod – the fictional, bogus Allah and embrace the teachings of a God of Moral Perfection. If they refuse, then we demand the Congress moves to declare that Islam is not a religion but an evil ideology and strip Muslims of religious status.

The Declaration of a God of Moral Perfection is an historical document and will be the beginning of the end for Islam.

For a copy of the Ebook go to download page. Download file. Deactivate fire wall for moment. Then Unzip. Click on buy book tab. For a paperback copy go to and put in book title; Islam: Evil In The Name of God. This will bring (up) the order page.


Last Prophet of God


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Words of Wisdom

"Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!"

Patrick Henry

Apologists for Evil

Thursday, July 23, 2009

God Help Us All

Now that Walter Cronkite has passed on, who is America's most trusted newscaster? Click here to find out.

I don't know what to say except, "May God help us all".

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21st Century Warrior

In my opinion Steven Crowder is one of those brave men of the 21st century that are comparable with the warriors of old. Its true he isn't sporting a sword or any other visible weaponry but he fights valiantly using his words and humor.

Humor: One of the greatest enemies of Islam!

I used to think I was brave for putting up my testimony and writing posts about Islam but I wouldn't share my real name on the blogs nor would I think it smart to show my face, however, I admire Steven's courage to not only put up videos with his real name but also show his face.

The video that I have put below, I must say, is not a research paper on what's wrong with Islam but Steven has used his humor to actually "offend" Muslims who understand what he is doing but at the same time, he calls upon Muslims and non Muslims alike to try and understand what Islam really is.

Many a times it happens that whenever Islam is criticized, amidst the calls for "murdering those who insult Islam", there are comments by Muslims that sound like, "have you ever read the Quran? you should read the Quran in its context (there isn't a lot of context within the Quran) or read the Quran in its original Arabic or read it with commentary". Well I can say here once again that I have done all those things and have come to the conclusion that Islam is inherently evil and Muslims are brainwashed, whether they be so called moderates or Jihadists (makes no difference at all), to the point that they will always think if you are a non Muslim and you say something against Islam then that means that you haven't read the Quran and went to a "hate website" and/or you are lying because there is nothing wrong with Islam--or you're just demented but it doesn't matter because you should be killed anyway.

I guess what I am trying to "preach" here is that one of the best ways to defeat Islam, along with military action, is by reason. Steven does that. He is using his reason to fight against not only Islam but liberal morons within the United States. Watch this video and others by him on youtube and enjoy.

Oh by the way, holding the Quran in your left hand will piss off a Muslim!

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Non-Muslims Turning to Sharia Courts to Resolve Civil Disputes

Sheikh Suhaib Hasan. Photo: TimesOnline

TIMES ONLINE: Increasing numbers of non-Muslims are turning to Sharia courts to resolve commercial disputes and other civil matters, The Times has learnt.

The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal (MAT) said that 5 per cent of its cases involved non-Muslims who were using the courts because they were less cumbersome and more informal than the English legal system.

Freed Chedie, a spokesman for Sheikh Faiz-ul-Aqtab Siqqiqi, a barrister who set up the tribunal, said: “We put weight on oral agreements, whereas the British courts do not.”

In a case last month a non-Muslim Briton took his Muslim business partner to the tribunal to sort out a dispute over the profits in their car fleet company. “The non-Muslim claimed that there had been an oral agreement between the pair,” said Mr Chedie. “The tribunal found that because of certain things the Muslim man did, that agreement had existed. The non-Muslim was awarded £48,000.”

He said that the tribunal had adjudicated on at least 20 cases involving non-Muslims so far this year. The rulings of the tribunal are legally binding, provided that both parties agree to that condition at the beginning of any hearing.

Anti-Sharia campaigners, who claim that the Islamic system is radical and biased against women, expressed alarm at the news. Denis MacEoin, who wrote a recent report for the think-tank Civitas examining the spread of Sharia in Britain, said that MAT’s claims about non-Muslim clients “raises all sorts of questions”.

He added: “You really need to ask why. What advantages could that possibly have for them going to an Islamic court? Any [Sharia] court is going to be implementing aspects of a law that runs contrary to British law, because of the way it treats women for example.” >>> Fiona Hamilton, London Correspondent | Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who Do Muslims Really Worship?

On July 2, 2009 Times Online published this article: The Moon: Gods, myths and legends. This article just mentions Rick Stroud’s (the author of “The Book of the Moon”) 12 favorite moon gods. I didn’t comment on or write anything about this particular news article so far because I was waiting to see if there’d be any riots that would follow.

It has been 17 days and not one single country had something blown up or people in the streets yelling “death to times online”. To be honest, I am disappointed. This is not what I expected of Muslims—just going peacefully about their lives is so un-Muslim whenever anyone says anything that Muslims don’t like. I would hardly think that Muslims believe Allah was a moon god or a “descendant of a sort” of a moon god!

I thought about why Muslims were not saying anything but it didn’t take a lot of thinking for it to sink in that there weren’t going to be any riots about this article because it didn’t say anything about Mohammed. Muslims are known to jump up in a frenzy if anything is said about Mohammed that they don’t approve of. If you talk about Mohammed or write about Mohammed, you have to make sure you get approval for your material from the Muslim censor-lords or else you’d not only get a death threat but they will kill a nun somewhere in Africa. But if you say something about Allah, that’s fine—it’s like it never happened and we live happily ever after (or until the next suicide bomber decides to do 72 virgins).

I am an ex-Muslim. I understand how revered Mohammed is in Islam. It’s like Christians who revere Jesus but at least Christians are honest enough to acknowledge that Jesus is their God. Why can’t Muslims do the same when clearly Mohammed is put on a pedestal way higher than Allah is?

My question to Muslims out there is (if any of them actually even read what I write), who do you really worship? Seriously, ask yourself this question (if you are capable of doing that without fearing hell-fire), why is it that you get all riled up if someone draws Mohammed cartoons or says something bad (read: true) about him while you don’t give a crap if people claim Allah is nothing but an old, ancient, pagan moon-god?

If you are going to tell me, “oh well, what they say about Allah is just a lie anyway so I couldn’t be bothered.” Then that just means that what people say about Mohammed is the truth and since you can’t defend your beloved (demigod) prophet all you do is blow people up!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Malaysian jihadist's revenge

Two days ago, two slaves of allah, in the name of their 'faith' and god, self detonated nearly simultaneously in two luxury hotels in downtown Jakarta. The death toll is at least seven so far (not counting the homicide bombers themselves) with dozens injured.

The man behind this latest bloodbath is almost certainly one Noordin Mohammed Top, a Malaysian Muslim who has a long terrorist rap sheet, namely involvement and/or masterminding every significant jihadist operation and bombing in Indonesia for nearly ten years. The blood of hundreds of innocent kafirs and muslims is on his hands. The Indonesians appear incapable of capturing the man, a man who seems to be consistently receiving assistance and shelter from his fellow Muslims in Java and elsewhere.

As for Malaysians themselves, there is not a peep of acknowledgment of this murderer who has (not too surprisingly) sprung from their midst. The Malaysian government and other Malaysian groups, as always, are quick to trounce on American, Israeli or other 'infidel war crimes' (real or imagined), the moment they happens. Mr. Noordin, on the other hand, merits different treatment. As for Noordin, Malaysians amazingly have absolutely nothing to say; they continue maintain a rather curious silence in regards to this jihadist. And they have maintained their official and unofficial silence for many years now. Not even a perfunctory condemnation of Noordin's murderous mayhem can be found at, the official mouthpiece website of the Malaysian government.

Even once Noordin is found and eventually disposed of, it will not end. There will be many other Muslims, Malaysians or otherwise, who will follow his footsteps. The Quranic seeds of hatred, violence and warfare guarantee it.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Joke: Two Coffees

A Muslim dies and finds himself before the pearly Gates. He is very excited, as all his life he has longed to meet the Prophet Mohammed. Having arrived at the Gates of Heaven, he meets a man with a beard.

'Are you Mohammed?', he asks. 'No, my son. I am Peter. Mohammed is higher up.' And he points to a ladder that rises into the clouds.

Delighted that Mohammed should be higher than Peter, he climbs the ladder in great strides, climbs through the clouds coming to a room where he meets another bearded man.

He asks again, 'Are you Mohammed? 'No, I am Moses. Mohammed is higher still.

Exhausted, but with a heart full of joy, he continues to climb the ladder and, yet again, he discovers an even larger room where he meets another man with a beard.

Full of hope, he asks again, 'Are you Mohammed?' 'No, I am Jesus...You will find Mohammed higher up.'

Mohammed higher than Jesus! The poor man can hardly contain his delight and climbs and climbs, ever higher once again, he reaches a larger room where he meets a man with a beard and repeats his question:

'Are you Mohammed?' he gasps, as he is by now, totally out of breath from all his climbing. 'No, my son. I am God. But you look exhausted. Would you like a coffee?'

'Yes, please, my Lord'

God looks behind him, claps his hands and calls out: ' Hey, Mohammed, two coffees!' [Source: Unknown]

'United for Neda' Is Artists' Song for Iranian People

The Story: Spurred by the continuing political unrest in Iran, more than two dozen Iranian expatriate superstars are uniting to spread a musical message of non-violent resistance.

The entertainers, poets, thinkers and actors are harmonizing on the song "United for Neda," a call to action against human rights violations by the Iranian government against Iranians protesting the disputed outcome of recent presidential elections.

The song was inspired by the plight of Neda Agha-Soltan, the 26-year old Iranian woman who was fatally shot on the streets of Tehran on June 20. The ordeal was recorded on cell phone video and received international attention when it hit the Internet.

Read full article >>>

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Israel’s A Big Boy Now!

I don’t watch ABC news so I don’t know the details of this interview however, I read on Jerusalem Telegraphic Agency website that Joe Biden said America wouldn’t interfere if Israel attacked Iran because Israel is a sovereign country.

Now there are a couple of things that are a little puzzling to me.

1) Why is Joe Biden saying this and not the oh-so-honorably-awesome-can’t-talk-without-a-teleprompter orator president of the United States? Isn’t Obama supposed to be the Commander in Chief? Why is it that it is his highness himself that placed a call to Mahmoud Abbas? Why was it his highness himself who “outstretched” America’s arm to Iran? Why can’t this president that is bending over backwards for Muslims at least stand side by side with Israel on this issue? Why does he have to convey this message through Joe Biden (half the time I can’t even remember the vice president’s name because he is not that important)? I might be missing something here—I don’t know, I live in the middle of the desert where all I hear is “Israel is evil”, so maybe Obama said something but I missed it, so correct me if I am wrong. I just can’t help but notice that Obama’s middle name is “Hussein”.

2) Second thing that I don’t think was nice of Mr. Biden is the statement he made, Israel can determine for itself -- it's a sovereign nation -- what's in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else…” Why is the American government alienating itself from Israel? All of a sudden it’s only Israel’s problem? “Israel can attack with a couple of bombs and get into a war but we are just going to sit around and try to sip coffee with Ahmedinejad with our outstretched arm”? Before the Bush administration responded to 9/11 the way it did, America was known as “Paper Tiger” around the Muslim world, Obama administration just sounds like it wants America to attain that title again with full force! I just hope that Biden doesn’t get up tomorrow and goes, “Iran is a sovereign nation, they can have nukes and use them on Israel if they want because that might be in their interest”.

What I don’t know is whether Israelis can actually count on American support now if they have to attack Iran—and they might have to do it sooner or later—or Obama and co just want Israel to start this war so they can still have good relations with their oil rich “friends”. With Obama as president of America, the latter rings truer than the former!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Dark Side of Dubai: Part 2

The sun is always shining in the UAE. There is hardly ever a chance of rain and never a chance of snow. In this barren wasteland, all that can be seen under the shining sun for miles is either sand or steel and concrete structures. Dubai, the so-called economic capital of the UAE, is a city where you can see tall buildings everywhere—this is a city they “think” will be more successful than Singapore and Hong Kong.

Dubai does not really have any established businesses except, of course, the property market and the financial help that it gets from neighboring Abu Dhabi. As these recent economic crisis hit Abu Dhabi, which is the seat of presidency of the UAE, sanctioned $20 billion to be given to Dubai for it to get out of the mess it has gotten itself into. How was Abu Dhabi not affected by these crisis and was easily able to roll out $20 billion? Well, the answer is simple: The west buys the oil that Abu Dhabi pumps out and it buys it at the price asked by Abu Dhabi.

I know I titled this post “the dark side of Dubai” but I just want to show here that if not for Abu Dhabi, Dubai probably wouldn’t exist in the state it does today to have any dark side whatsoever. All the slave labor and endless supply of money is sanctioned by Abu Dhabi that does not fear anything because it produces oil. Yes, oil!! Won’t we just about do anything for oil?!! The western governments have decided to overlook everything for oil. Before it was only Saudi Arabia that got a free pass to do whatever it wanted as long as the oil pipelines remained open but now Abu Dhabi is added to the list also.

What I am trying to refer to is (and I am doing my best as I am stopping myself from falling asleep—its 2:30 AM and I got work tomorrow!!) the “very recent” torture video (link below) that was released on ABC. Americans were outraged, there were demands for justice, some said they could not believe what they saw and others said it was inhumane. All these things were and still are true, however, for some reason this story has faded into oblivion. The mainstream media doesn’t care anymore. It is still more important to blame the Bush administration than to follow this story of a supposed ally of the US. This ally that sanctions torture on a government level still continues to receive US support. The US is selling state of the art weapons to the UAE and is also buying up oil.

All I am doing right now is repeating what has been said already but for some reason it lands on deaf ears. Any criticism of the UAE or the Muslim world is met with charges of Islamophobia, well, I am not going to shut up just because we have said this already. I hope we continue to demand justice. It does not matter whether the person that tortured was from the royal family or just your average Joe. What we see in this video is plain barbaric and whoever perpetrates these acts should not go unpunished! But sadly, I think that the call for a just punishment would remain for a long time just that…call for a just punishment. Leaders in the west are nothing but silent witnesses that would condone anything as long as they get what they want, namely, oil and business!

Here is the link to the torture video.