Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21st Century Warrior

In my opinion Steven Crowder is one of those brave men of the 21st century that are comparable with the warriors of old. Its true he isn't sporting a sword or any other visible weaponry but he fights valiantly using his words and humor.

Humor: One of the greatest enemies of Islam!

I used to think I was brave for putting up my testimony and writing posts about Islam but I wouldn't share my real name on the blogs nor would I think it smart to show my face, however, I admire Steven's courage to not only put up videos with his real name but also show his face.

The video that I have put below, I must say, is not a research paper on what's wrong with Islam but Steven has used his humor to actually "offend" Muslims who understand what he is doing but at the same time, he calls upon Muslims and non Muslims alike to try and understand what Islam really is.

Many a times it happens that whenever Islam is criticized, amidst the calls for "murdering those who insult Islam", there are comments by Muslims that sound like, "have you ever read the Quran? you should read the Quran in its context (there isn't a lot of context within the Quran) or read the Quran in its original Arabic or read it with commentary". Well I can say here once again that I have done all those things and have come to the conclusion that Islam is inherently evil and Muslims are brainwashed, whether they be so called moderates or Jihadists (makes no difference at all), to the point that they will always think if you are a non Muslim and you say something against Islam then that means that you haven't read the Quran and went to a "hate website" and/or you are lying because there is nothing wrong with Islam--or you're just demented but it doesn't matter because you should be killed anyway.

I guess what I am trying to "preach" here is that one of the best ways to defeat Islam, along with military action, is by reason. Steven does that. He is using his reason to fight against not only Islam but liberal morons within the United States. Watch this video and others by him on youtube and enjoy.

Oh by the way, holding the Quran in your left hand will piss off a Muslim!


maleque said...

dear Kaffir laknatullah !

KHILAFAH will rise !

No democrasi !
No Seculerism !

Muslim Unite !
Rise for Islam !

Anonymous said...


Get a life and if you really want to comment, then write something relevant to the post so I actually feel like replying to what you say!

maleque said...

dear kaffir laknatullah,

fear only Allah !

remember to remember KHILAFAH will rise up !

chose to be kaffir zimmah or harbi , you are welcome to be muslim in the name of Allah !

Anonymous said...

Maleque (Allah can't curse anyone, He's a dead stone! Don't think I don't understand what you write in that satanic language),

As for your offer, well screw you, screw your Islam and screw Allah oh and to top it off, screw your pedophilic Mohammed.