Monday, July 06, 2009

Israel’s A Big Boy Now!

I don’t watch ABC news so I don’t know the details of this interview however, I read on Jerusalem Telegraphic Agency website that Joe Biden said America wouldn’t interfere if Israel attacked Iran because Israel is a sovereign country.

Now there are a couple of things that are a little puzzling to me.

1) Why is Joe Biden saying this and not the oh-so-honorably-awesome-can’t-talk-without-a-teleprompter orator president of the United States? Isn’t Obama supposed to be the Commander in Chief? Why is it that it is his highness himself that placed a call to Mahmoud Abbas? Why was it his highness himself who “outstretched” America’s arm to Iran? Why can’t this president that is bending over backwards for Muslims at least stand side by side with Israel on this issue? Why does he have to convey this message through Joe Biden (half the time I can’t even remember the vice president’s name because he is not that important)? I might be missing something here—I don’t know, I live in the middle of the desert where all I hear is “Israel is evil”, so maybe Obama said something but I missed it, so correct me if I am wrong. I just can’t help but notice that Obama’s middle name is “Hussein”.

2) Second thing that I don’t think was nice of Mr. Biden is the statement he made, Israel can determine for itself -- it's a sovereign nation -- what's in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else…” Why is the American government alienating itself from Israel? All of a sudden it’s only Israel’s problem? “Israel can attack with a couple of bombs and get into a war but we are just going to sit around and try to sip coffee with Ahmedinejad with our outstretched arm”? Before the Bush administration responded to 9/11 the way it did, America was known as “Paper Tiger” around the Muslim world, Obama administration just sounds like it wants America to attain that title again with full force! I just hope that Biden doesn’t get up tomorrow and goes, “Iran is a sovereign nation, they can have nukes and use them on Israel if they want because that might be in their interest”.

What I don’t know is whether Israelis can actually count on American support now if they have to attack Iran—and they might have to do it sooner or later—or Obama and co just want Israel to start this war so they can still have good relations with their oil rich “friends”. With Obama as president of America, the latter rings truer than the former!


trumpetzzz said...

In this scenario, Israel has no option but to strike Iran or risk being nuked. Just do it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, however, what is uncertain is whether Israel will have to stand alone like it has had to do many times before or whether it will get some support from its "so called" allies!

Saudi Arabia has secretly agreed to allow Israel its airspace access--but we don't know and can never be certain if SA is honest about that or its just going to back stab Israel. The latter sounds more plausible!

Netanyahu has promised Hussein Obama that he is going to wait till the end of this year and give diplomacy a chance but after that Israel might take things into its own hands. We will see how things unfold!

European Kafir said...

With a president like Obama its better to have USA as an enemy than as a friend.

maleque said...

dear kaffir !
Islam will rise with KHILAFAH !

its only a matter of time !

khilafah will rise !
khilafah will rise !
khilafah will rise !