Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Malaysian jihadist's revenge

Two days ago, two slaves of allah, in the name of their 'faith' and god, self detonated nearly simultaneously in two luxury hotels in downtown Jakarta. The death toll is at least seven so far (not counting the homicide bombers themselves) with dozens injured.

The man behind this latest bloodbath is almost certainly one Noordin Mohammed Top, a Malaysian Muslim who has a long terrorist rap sheet, namely involvement and/or masterminding every significant jihadist operation and bombing in Indonesia for nearly ten years. The blood of hundreds of innocent kafirs and muslims is on his hands. The Indonesians appear incapable of capturing the man, a man who seems to be consistently receiving assistance and shelter from his fellow Muslims in Java and elsewhere.

As for Malaysians themselves, there is not a peep of acknowledgment of this murderer who has (not too surprisingly) sprung from their midst. The Malaysian government and other Malaysian groups, as always, are quick to trounce on American, Israeli or other 'infidel war crimes' (real or imagined), the moment they happens. Mr. Noordin, on the other hand, merits different treatment. As for Noordin, Malaysians amazingly have absolutely nothing to say; they continue maintain a rather curious silence in regards to this jihadist. And they have maintained their official and unofficial silence for many years now. Not even a perfunctory condemnation of Noordin's murderous mayhem can be found at, the official mouthpiece website of the Malaysian government.

Even once Noordin is found and eventually disposed of, it will not end. There will be many other Muslims, Malaysians or otherwise, who will follow his footsteps. The Quranic seeds of hatred, violence and warfare guarantee it.


Emerson Twain said...

Top: dog.

Here in Minneapolis, Haji Rep. Keith Ellison is working diligently to bring our "missing" local Somali jihadis back "home" from Mogadishu. Here's to hoping his policies fail and all achieve their wishes to become shahids instead.


maleque said...

dear kaffir,

khilafah will rise up soo soon !

muslim will unite !!

Kurnia said...

dear Maleque, so you want to blew up your head anytime soon? Well then, give my best regard to the 72 virgins up in heaven. But don't blew up the "jannah" (heaven) if turns out there's no angel virgins in sight :)