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A new book--Islam: Evil in the Name of God

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Dear readers of Pedestrian Infidel:

I have written a book titled: A God of Moral Perfection. Islam: Evil In The Name of God. As the Last Prophet of God I have destroyed Islam with just one word. My book (479 pages) exposes the evil of this ideology and the very grave danger posed to all freedom loving peoples everywhere. I do not give any politically correct, multi- cultural dribble. Needless to say the book has been black listed by all major publishers and book distributors. All major self publishing publishers refused to publish the book even though I was paying for the publication. The self publishing firm - Authorhouse called the book “hate speech” and of course they are absolutely correct since the Koran qualifies as hate speech. This is stealth censorship.

I have brought mankind directly from God - Declaration of A God of Moral Perfection (see chapter 1). The central theme of this Declaration is that only a God of Moral Perfection is God. If the Creator is not Moral Perfection then the creator is not God and therefore God is not God.

Any teaching that pertains to be the word of God that is not Moral Perfection is not a teaching from God but from men and for the most part – evil men who seek to usurp the divine authority of God for their own evil purposes of power and glory.

Any book that is declared to be the timeless, divine word of God written by God Himself that contains just ONE word of immoral imperfection then the entire book is not the word of God, was never written by God and therefore the entire religion proclaiming that God wrote the book is totally and completely bogus, a sham and a fraud. In case there is any doubt the book is the Koran – the most evil, evilest book ever written and the evil, evilest religion is Islam.

All freedom loving peoples must join together and demand from their political and religious leaders that the Declaration of a God of Moral Perfection be added to their constitutions and taught in every place of worship and in every school. All major religious leaders including the Pope must declare that only a God of Moral Perfection is God and adapt/sign the Declaration. The Republication Party needs to adopt this Declaration and bring it before the Congress. By passing this Declaration, Congress will declare WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE STAND FOR AS A PEOPLE. Women’s rights, equality of all peoples, freedom of speech, press etc are central parts of the Declaration of A God of Moral Perfection.

The Republican Party and Congress do not even have to mention Islam since this would be an act of courage not seen since Ronald Reagan and his evil empire /bring down this wall speech. However just passing this Declaration would be a very important first step.

As for Islam, we must demand that Muslims sign this Declaration and since signing treaties/declarations with Kafirs is meaningless, we must further demand that 16 changes to be incorporated into the Koran (see chapter 34). (Of course these changes are impossible.) Business must be inoculated by Congress against lawsuits by Muslims for not allowing them to pray 5 times a day on the job or taxi drivers being fired for refusing to transport blind people with seeing eye dogs and then suing etc. (Read Stealth Jihad by Robert Spencer). There can be no showing of any respect for Islam. No inviting Muslims to pray at political or any other events. We must reach out to Muslims to abandon their AntiGod – the fictional, bogus Allah and embrace the teachings of a God of Moral Perfection. If they refuse, then we demand the Congress moves to declare that Islam is not a religion but an evil ideology and strip Muslims of religious status.

The Declaration of a God of Moral Perfection is an historical document and will be the beginning of the end for Islam.

For a copy of the Ebook go to download page. Download file. Deactivate fire wall for moment. Then Unzip. Click on buy book tab. For a paperback copy go to and put in book title; Islam: Evil In The Name of God. This will bring (up) the order page.


Last Prophet of God


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