Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who Do Muslims Really Worship?

On July 2, 2009 Times Online published this article: The Moon: Gods, myths and legends. This article just mentions Rick Stroud’s (the author of “The Book of the Moon”) 12 favorite moon gods. I didn’t comment on or write anything about this particular news article so far because I was waiting to see if there’d be any riots that would follow.

It has been 17 days and not one single country had something blown up or people in the streets yelling “death to times online”. To be honest, I am disappointed. This is not what I expected of Muslims—just going peacefully about their lives is so un-Muslim whenever anyone says anything that Muslims don’t like. I would hardly think that Muslims believe Allah was a moon god or a “descendant of a sort” of a moon god!

I thought about why Muslims were not saying anything but it didn’t take a lot of thinking for it to sink in that there weren’t going to be any riots about this article because it didn’t say anything about Mohammed. Muslims are known to jump up in a frenzy if anything is said about Mohammed that they don’t approve of. If you talk about Mohammed or write about Mohammed, you have to make sure you get approval for your material from the Muslim censor-lords or else you’d not only get a death threat but they will kill a nun somewhere in Africa. But if you say something about Allah, that’s fine—it’s like it never happened and we live happily ever after (or until the next suicide bomber decides to do 72 virgins).

I am an ex-Muslim. I understand how revered Mohammed is in Islam. It’s like Christians who revere Jesus but at least Christians are honest enough to acknowledge that Jesus is their God. Why can’t Muslims do the same when clearly Mohammed is put on a pedestal way higher than Allah is?

My question to Muslims out there is (if any of them actually even read what I write), who do you really worship? Seriously, ask yourself this question (if you are capable of doing that without fearing hell-fire), why is it that you get all riled up if someone draws Mohammed cartoons or says something bad (read: true) about him while you don’t give a crap if people claim Allah is nothing but an old, ancient, pagan moon-god?

If you are going to tell me, “oh well, what they say about Allah is just a lie anyway so I couldn’t be bothered.” Then that just means that what people say about Mohammed is the truth and since you can’t defend your beloved (demigod) prophet all you do is blow people up!

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