Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chutzpah hits the streets of Malaysia

By the Anti Jihadist

The eight anniversary of the glorious jihadist victory against the “Jews and Crusaders” in New York passed relatively quietly here in the Melayu Islamic Republic. The anniversary of that barbarism was marked with, at most, perfunctory mentions in what passes as the local media. Muslims here in Mudville said nothing publicly, and at least had the decency to keep their glee hidden or otherwise out of sight.

But 9-11 is yesterday’s news even in Malaysia, and new games are afoot. The leftist-Islamic convergence rules the roost here in Malaysia—the government ministries, the hallowed halls of academia, the media, the police and courts, all officially sanctioned religious groups, and so on and so forth—are welcoming with open arms the latest Socialist-Leftist-Progressive-Islamofascist-friendly ‘grassroots’ movement.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the grandly named “The World March for Peace and Nonviolence”, coming to Kuala Lumpur next month (Oct 2009). Proclaiming itself as “open to all peace loving citizens of the world”, these ambitious folks sure do love to think big, don’t they? Additionally, this group declares on their website that they seek “…the end of wars, the dismantling of nuclear weapons and for an end to all forms of violence (physical, economic, racial, religious, cultural, sexual and psychological).

No word if these people intend to ask the Iranians or North Koreans to cease their ongoing nuclear armament (don’t hold your breath). Plus the idea of Islamic-inspired violence has probably never crossed the progressively-addled minds of the organisers of this event…but I digress.

Like most protest marches, this ‘World March’ is sure to play out as yet another pointless exercise, whose only real ‘benefit’ is to make the participants of said march feel better about themselves, for a little while anyway. And like virtually all so-called ‘anti war’ protests, these people, some of whom are admittedly well-intentioned, operate in a different realm of existence, completely divorced from reality. They actually think that—despite all evidence to the contrary—if everybody just hugs a dictator or jihadist, and maybe gives milk and cookies to these depraved killers, they’ll all just throw down their arms, embrace the Najis Kufr as equals and sing ‘kumbaya’. What a swell idea…why didn’t I think of that?

These purportedly ‘Anti War’ movements are only capable of doing one thing, and one thing only. They enthusiastically lambaste the West, specifically the US, Israel, and any allies of the US who are a bit too proactive in their defence. Meanwhile, the genuine tyrants of Pyongyang, Havana, Tehran, Tripoli and elsewhere—they all get a pass. Those people, with all their trademark oppression, cruelty, and terror—this is all swept under the prayer rug, as it were, by the Anti War movement.

Matter of fact, a tour of their websites reveals that the ‘anti war’ crowd sympathise a great deal with the jihadists in Gaza, the jackbooted thugs of Hezbollah, or the thread worn ‘revolutionaries’ in Cuba. To people like those putting the ‘World March’ on, it is never wrong for Pyongyang to starve their countrymen to death by the millions, nor is it wrong for terror groups sheltered in Pakistan to shell India for decades. To them, and groups like them, when Muslims from Israel to the Philippines and beyond murder civilians, it’s ‘resistance’. When the Infidels have the gall to fight back, it’s a war crime.

That makes the Anti War movement tacit co-conspirators with tyrants and evildoers of the worst kind, Muslim or otherwise. Remember that the next time you see them getting more fawning attention in the media.

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