Sunday, September 06, 2009

Never Let It Go Unanswered!

See how Robert Spencer handled the yelling Muslim? I haven't heard Spencer talk in the past. I have only read his stuff. First off, I just want to say that this man knows a lot about Islam and its not just "oh yeah, Islam sucks" kind of knowledge but real hardcore knowledge of Islamic theology as understood by Muslims.

It happens so many times that when anyone tries to hold a "debate" or a "discussion" with a Muslim and tries to raise objections to Islam, they are yelled at, insulted and forced to shut up--and many, in turn, do shut up because they are decent human beings. What happens as a result though is that that act of the non Muslim, the act of shutting up, is looked at by Muslim as their weakness and then the shout follows, "we have won! Allah-u-akbar!"

Am I saying that Robert Spencer is not a decent human being? Of course not. What I am saying is that Robert Spencer knows that even though he is a decent human being, to be able to heard in this politically correct, ultra-sensitive world, he has to raise his voice when a Muslim starts yelling. He has to raise his voice higher! He can't afford to shut up and then never be heard again. He can't afford to cave in. He can't afford to turn the other cheek because it is not himself that he's fighting for or fighting against, but he is fighting for the freedom of 100s of millions of people and he's fighting against an ideology that will make sure those people don't have their freedom once this religion gets its way.

Remamber, it was swift and strong hand of Charles Martel that drove the invading Muslim armies back on their heels to the hell-hole they came from. There is a reason he is known as Charles The HAMMER. And that reason isn't because he thought, "oh, I might offend Muslims by defending my country and my values, so why not compromise?" His army was smaller than the invading Muslim army but he prevailed because he knew something bigger was at stake than pleasing barbarians. He knew he couldn't make a deal with the devil!

Robert Spencer knows it all also. With Muslims, you can't give them a second chance. You can't let them gain any ground. You can't accept defeat today and reply tomorrow. You can't compromise one value and hope for eternal peace because they will keep on asking for more (look up Arab politicians of people who call themselves Palestinains). And finally, even though it may sound unimportant, you can not let a Muslim objection to concerns raised about Islam go unanswered--you will be called a bigot, an extremist, a fool now but you might not get another chance to set the record straight.

Bravo Robert Spencer!

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Emerson Twain said...

Thanks for the post on Spencer. Charles Johnson and his mewling sycophants at LGF are preening their anti-Nazi credentials at Mr. Spencer's expense today, as has become customary; that is, when they're not targeting for eviction the hapless commenters who stumble in thinking they're actually on a blog.

I get a fair number of hits out of Malaysia, probably thanks to you guys. Since before the US election last fall I've been spending more post time on that business and AGW issues and less on Islam. So I need to check your site more often.