Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rabbi Tovia Singer & Jeremy Gimpel: Will There Be One World Power?

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markadrien said...

Are these guys for real? 'Good Cop, Bad Cop'.
A spectacle indeed, though maybe not representative of all their opinions. On the basis of these two links and having watched a few shows at random, we would find it most distressing to have to witness more of the same in the hope of eventually finding something good.
Have we completely misread their stance? Their manner, speech, mocking and baseness indicate a real 'tabloid' and what we refer to in Britain as a 'gutter press' approach. Although to some they may be greatly entertaining, if Torah is used as a guide then they must rate pretty high on Hashem's 'abominations list,' let alone being a shocking witness to an already depraved world. Evidence indeed, that really good, academic knowledge of scripture does not necessarily prove the presence of any understanding. Should we, choosing to follow Hashem and as such joining the Jewish people, condone or denounce this, 'show' as they certainly make the job of the anti-zionist lobby easy. Such crass contempt for Hashem's creation and our fellow creatures stand as a powerful indictment of their 'brand' of faith and their society, media organization and financial supporter's total lack of integrity, humility and compassion. Can anyone be looking forward to a restored world in their company!
Are we missing something here?