Saturday, October 24, 2009

RPK-- Anti Semite, Pro Genocide

Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the famed Malaysian blogger, intellectual, government critic, political dissident and now wanted by the Malaysian police for a long string of supposed crimes--continues to write from hiding/exile.

One recent column he wrote was entitled "Between hypocrisy and expediency".   He begins the article with an admirable stand against hypocrisy but then his words take a much darker turn:

The Muslim Middle East regards the United States as a Jewish ‘tool’. The US is the ‘Great Satan’. It is the US, after all, that is propping up Israel. If not, Israel would have been destroyed long ago. And day in and day out we can hear verses of the Quran being chanted in the two holiest mosques in the Muslim world, Mekah and Medina, cursing the Jewish enemies of Islam.

There is no mistaking it, as far as Muslims are concerned. The Jews are the lifelong enemy of Islam. They must be exterminated from the face of this earth.

So, this highly-educated, English-writing Muslim finally comes out and says that Muslims are only pious and true Muslims if they continue Herr Hitler's 'Final Solution'--the elimination of Jews everywhere and forever.  And the Muslims who dare to negotiate with Jews/Israelis, or do business with them--these people are hypocrites.  And RPK believes with his whole heart that the real crime here is not lusting for or working towards another genocide of Jews, but dealing with them in diplomacy or business--i.e. to treat them as human.

The RPK article in particular here, like all of RPK's writings, are highly read.  Read the comments at the end of this one.  How many Muslims or anyone else condemn RPK's genocidal longings and tendencies, even in a perfunctory way?  Zip, zilch, nada, zero.

How would RPK and his fellow Muslims feel about changing RPK's own words to the following? 

There is no mistaking it, as far as humans are concerned. The Muslims are the lifelong enemy of humanity. Islam must be exterminated from the face of this earth.


Philly B said...

Its a very good point, those that express anti-Israel sentiment usually call for an end to the Jewish people. Funny how that works sometimes...

Anonymous said...

"It is the US, after all, that is propping up Israel. If not, Israel would have been destroyed long ago."

Even though I am not surprised that a "liberal" Muslim would say that the Jews be exterminated. I however want to address the above quote.

I hear that crap all the time and I am sick and tired of it. Why can't the Muslims pick up history books and educate themselves? I wish they would read a little before they blow themselves to bits.

Israel fought the blood thirsty Muslims in 1948, 1956, and 1967 and won those wars without the support of the US. In fact, in 1948, Israelis smuggled weapons from Czechoslovakia (or however you spell it), in 1956 they had British and French support and in 1967 they were alone with arms embargo from the US and France (and I think Britain). It was only 1973 when they got support from the US (an emergency airlift).

I want to ask these "intellectual" Muslims--have you ever asked yourself whether the Arabs would have even dared to attack Israel if it wasn't for the unwavering support of Soviet Union behind Arabs (especially Egypt)? Would they have even raised a finger? Last Arab Israel war was 1973 and it so happened that after 1973 Soviet-Egypt relations collapsed. I don't know, don't you think there is any connection there?

And if you're smart enough (still talking to Muslims), while you're researching on this matter, also try to find out why during Iran-Iraq war 97% of all weaponry was Soviet made...because that's another war you blame the US and Israel for.

I know I am asking for too much but maybe you can press that red button later!

Charles said...

Islam has been hijacked by terrorists who falsely claim that their religion favors destruction of the Jewish people (as well as all infidels). They cut and paste religious tracts in an effort to foment hostility towards non-Muslims. This is not the first time that a religion has been hijacked by idealists. Nor will it be the last.

The solution to this problem can only come from the 90% of Muslims who decry violence against "non-believers." Only peaceful Muslims can defeat the terrorists and reclaim their religion. So far, they have not taken action. It is their responsibility. There has been one Jewish group in my lifetime that favored violence. I fought them to the best of my ability and so have many other Jews. They barely exist today and are toothless in their pursuit of violence.

Governments make good and bad decisions. Israel is not without guilt in defending itself from almost daily attacks. Yet, Israel has never threatened any other nation or group. The Israeli government on the other hand has a responsibility to defend its citizens. Meanwhile, the charters of Hamas and Hizbollah call for the complete and total destruction of Israel and the "removal" of Jews who live there. They post this on the Internet (with English translations). Their proctor, Iran, has called for Israel "to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Jews have lived in Israel for more than 3,000 years. This predates the Muslim religion by 1,500 years and the Palestinian people by at least 2,000 years. Anyone with a PhD in history will stake their career on the fact that Jews have lived in Israel dozens of centuries before Arabs and Muslims. Clearly, Israel has a right to exist and its existence far predates any Arab (Palestinian) claim.

Clearly, Israel has a right to exist and an obligation to defend its citizens. But, Muslims also have an obligation to live constructively in the world of nations. Only Muslims can defeat terrorists who kill, maim and torture innocent people in the name of their religion. No one else can stop the spread of islamic terrorism.

Charles Weinblatt
Author, Jacob's Courage

The Anti-Jihadist said...

"Islam has been hijacked by terrorists who falsely claim that their religion favors destruction of the Jewish people (as well as all infidels)..."

I do not know why anyone would still entertain this fantasy now. This belief--and that's what this fantasy is, a tooth-fairy like belief that flies in the face of all of the evidence--is demonstrably false. Anti Semitism is hard-wired into the heart and soul of Islam. Islam's founder personally fought against Jewish tribes, killed them, murdered Jewish prisoners and enslaved other Jewish captives (at vast profit). Does the name 'Khaybar' ring a bell? Their prophet's final public sermon was a long rant against Christians and Jews, cursing them and wanting Allah to take vengeance on them.

Today, pious Muslims around the world remember their prophet's example and continue to spew forth venomous hatred towards all things Jewish. But you, Mr, Charles, continue to turn your dhimmi eyes and ears away.

Anonymous said...


"Islam has been hijacked by terrorists who falsely claim that their religion favors destruction of the Jewish people (as well as all infidels). They cut and paste religious tracts in an effort to foment hostility towards non-Muslims."

As Anti Jihadist said, I don't know why anyone would believe this. Oh and by the way, how the heck did you even come up with the 90% number? I would like to know because I live in the Muslim world among Muslims and I can tell you flat out right now, YOU'RE WRONG!

And not only that, and I say this with the most respect I can muster, you have no idea what you say when you said what I quoted above. Cut and paste verses? Really? Have you ever read the Quran and the Hadiths? Have you read what it means for Muslims to follow Mohammed? Have you read what Mohammed did? You can keep telling yourself, "Islam is a religion of peace, hijacked by terrorists--oh and I come to this conclusion because a lot of other religions were hijacked", it is not going to make it true.

It may be the case that other religions were hijacked, I don't know what religion you're talking about but I do know that Islam has NOT been hijacked by terrorists. In fact, Islam has been hijacked by those "seemingly" peaceful Muslims that you seem to think are just on the brink of crying out against violence.

Look, whatever your preconceptions about Islam, you have to look at it the way Muslims interpret it and the way it has been interpreted BY MUSLIMS in the past, for example by Mohammed and his companions. You can't impose your mindset and then tell the rest of the world what that religion is about. Study the religion and its texts and study the person that is followed like he was god (if you know anything about Islam, you shouldn't have to think about this statement of mine twice to get it), you should read things for yourself. Get out of your American/Western mindset of (all religions are peaceful and preach good) because here's some news for you: THEY DON'T. Besides, Islam is more of a political system than a religion. Now look at it that way and we might get somewhere other than the stupidity that goes like this --> Islam is a religion of peace, hijacked by terrorists.