Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What's In A Name?

I recently went through the process of legally changing my name from a very Muslim name to a, well, Western/Christian name. There are many reasons that I changed my name. One of the reasons is that I don’t, in any way, want to be associated with Islam. I don’t know how many of you here know this but my family ‘claims’ to be direct descendants of Mohammed. Now, I think that’s a load of crap seeing that Mohammed didn’t have any sons (he had 3 sons born to him but all of them died in their infancy) but Muslims hold the status of being Mohammed’s descendants in very high regard. Anyway, because of that ‘claim’ my last name was very blatantly Arabic/Persian and very blatantly and unmistakably Muslim—it’s a last name that you are generally born with and are usually proud of. Well, I changed not only my last name but my whole name and made it so Western/Christian (and a little Jewish) that it resulted in a lot of eye-brows raised at the Pakistani consulate.

It was a very long process—the end result being: My name has officially and legally changed without me getting arrested! I don’t know about you but I see that as another victory for this infidel in particular and for all infidels in general. However, this is not the point that I am writing this article for. What I want to stress on is that one’s name is very important. It is seen as your identity. Your name is what people know you by. Without your name, you’re a mere ‘man’ or a ‘woman’ and nothing else. Now that my name’s changed to a Western/Christian one, whenever people meet me, their first reaction won’t be, “oh, you’re an ex-Muslim who converted to Christianity?! Attack!!!!” if they are wondering about my religious affiliation. It makes a huge difference.

Along the same lines, I recently read Geert Wilers’ speech in which he said that one of the most common boy names in Europe is “Mohammed”. It’s not surprising that so many boys are named Mohammed in Europe seeing the number of Muslim births and number of Muslims admitted into Europe is sky high. What’s surprising is that Mohammed is not even the most common boy name in the UAE or Pakistan or even Saudi Arabia. Muslims in these countries don’t usually name their children after the murdering bastard known as Mohammed, the prophet of Muslims. The most common names here are Ali or Hassan or Hussein or Ahmed. However, in Europe, by naming their children Mohammed, Muslims are reinforcing a point, “we are Muslims, we are here and there ain’t a thing you can do about it” and it also shows that they are NOT assimilating.

This brings us to a bigger point. When will America and the west realize that they are fighting “Islam” and not “rogue individuals who misunderstand Islam, the religion of peace”? Yes, we have to name the enemy and we have to name it out loud. Islam’s the enemy and Islam is what needs to be eradicated as a political and religious ideology. You can’t snipe one Muslim terrorist and think, “oh, yeah, one less to worry about!” because tomorrow another one’s going to take his place. There is an ideology out there that vows to stop at nothing short of dominating the world and forcing everyone to bow down to it—that ideology goes by the ‘name’ Islam. Unless we name our enemy and put that name on the board with a pin affixed in it to remind ourselves who our enemy is, we won’t win this war. Not only would we not win this war but we are going to lose this war and not even know who we lost it to.

I hope our leaders realize soon that we are at war and willingly fight it. I hope voters realize that this war needs to be fought and that soldiers that give up their lives are giving up those lives willingly (they signed up to be soldiers, to protect their country and its values NOT to be fed chow 3 times a day, sleep, wake up, exercise and do the whole routine every day of the year) and for a bigger purpose…

What scares me the most is that most of the people in the west are going to wake up one day and see an Islamic flag flying over their congress/parliament and then it will be too late to grow a pair!


haizad said...

Salam sejahtera,

bosan giler. asik2 nk kutuk Islam je. pelik betol la. ape yg korang benci ngn Islam, aku pon x tau. aku akui umat Islam mmg ada byk masalah, tapi bukan agama tu sendiri. agama Islam ni same je macam agama lain, ajak pada kebaikan. Masalah bila org mcm korang ni tafsir sesuatu guna logik akal semata2. aku doakan Allah pancarkan hidayah pada korang. kalo betol korang sebelom ni Islam, aku doakan Allah kembalikan semula iman kamu. aku x marah, cuma sedih.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Translation of the above comment:

Good Day,

It is so boring when people insult Islam all the time. So weird that you guys hate Islam so badly. I agreed that Muslims have a lot of problems and issues, but not the religion (Islam) itself. Islam is same like others religions which teaches all the positive/good things. It becomes a problem when people like you have the wrong interpretation about Islam and use only logical sense. I will pray to Allah that you guys will see the light. If this is true that before this you were Muslim, i will still pray to Allah to have you guys come back to Islam. I am not angry but I am a little sad.

Mr Haizad,

Ever wonder why that precious 'religion' of yours gets insulted all the time? Do you even know what your quran says? Ever read it? Didn't think so. Yeah, we infidels like us prefer to 'use logic' as you have noted. Logic and comon sense--two things your Islam fails to adhere to.

And as for anybody here at this blog becoming or returning to Islam? Not a chance.

Have a nice infidel day.

Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

Congratulations to Avenging Apostate on the name change. Yes, I agree, names are very important. They're so important, in fact, that one of the worst things we can do is "call each other names." I had that unpleasant experience lately, when a Russian Orthodox woman spent a good deal of angry energy tearing me to shreds on the internet because I asserted that 60,000 Russians coming out to worship an ikon was not a legitimate indicator that Russians are faithful Christians. It seems to me that it is not numbers of "Christians" showing up to worship a symbol of one's faith, but the quality of one's faith, that matters. That discussion turned into a slash and burn attack by this woman, poor thing, and in the end I was called a "putz" (Yiddish for "penis") a gasbag (whatever that is) and a pseudo-elder (someone who pretends to be an Orthodox holy man).

Anyway, brother, I salute you, and if I knew your name I would salute you by it. But just the same I says to you, Axios! Worthy! Because you have chosen to take on the new name. Go with God. May He protect you.

Zaidi said...

Does Pakistan's ID & passport have Islam (for Muslims) stated in it just like Malaysia's ID?

Anonymous said...

@ Zaidi,

Yes they do.

Cappy said...

I am in agreement with you. It is time to get rid of the pro-Muslims in Washington and restore a pro-American viewpoint to our government.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Site Admin Announcement~

Attention 'Haizad' and others who may be likeminded...

Comments in other languages other than English will no longer be tolerated at this site. This is because most of our audience reads and writes in English. I am not going to continue translating comments in Bahasa Melayu (the Malay language) or any other 'bahasa'. If you have something to say, say it in English or take your comments elsewhere.

Thank you and have a nice infidel day.

Shalom levitroat.

Zaidi said...

@AA: How does a Pakistani remove 'Islam' from their ID & passport? Has anyone done it before and what are the consequences?

Anonymous said...


@AA: How does a Pakistani remove 'Islam' from their ID & passport? Has anyone done it before and what are the consequences?

First, the ID itself doesn't say the religion. Its the NADRA (the agency that generates the national ID--don't know the full form) computers that have religion on their database. As for the passport, well, I don't know how you would change it.

You can put it in the newspaper and ask the Pakistani government later to change it on the passport, I guess. Can you remove religion from your passport? NO. You have to put a religion, that's a requirement.

Now, as for changing Islam to another religion: Well, if you live in a country that says its illegal for you to convert to another religion and Pakistan being a conservative Islamic state, its kinda hard (or pretty impossible) to change your religion on the passport. However, I am sure people that live in freer countries can change it rather easily. I wouldn't know for sure though, I live in the UAE ;-)