Thursday, November 05, 2009

Christianity In Dubai

"About a year ago, when I found a very well paying job—because of which I was very happy and thankful to God—I decided that it was time now for me to deliver on the promise that I made to myself. I went to the closest mall that employs a lot of cleaners from the three countries I mentioned above. I went to the food court and bought something to eat. While eating, I was just looking around noticing all the cleaners there. I saw this one man who was working very hard and was hardly even getting thanks from people whose trays he was clearing.

It was heart-wrenching to see that man. He wasn't smiling at all and his eyes looked like he was lost in his thoughts. He was just moving about, doing his job like a robot—without a feeling or expression. It seemed as though he was so lost, so sad and forgotten that even if the whole world came to an abrupt end that very moment, he won't even flinch. Looking at that man made the world seem like the worst place to live in."

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