Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Trip To Melbourne

Well, I am back from my very long trip to Australia and New Zealand. I intend to write about some conversations that I had over there in separate articles but here, I just wanted to share some pictures (click on each image for a better, enlarged view) and thoughts from Melbourne (and maybe Auckland) that I thought were of interest.

I found Melbourne to be very patriotic and unapologetic of its Christian roots. It is a city that tells you the local population is proud and happy and they are not going to apologize for who they are to anyone. This was the feeling I got not only from my conversations but just by looking at the city.

The picture above is of "the golden mile" which takes you to different parts of the city that still have its history preserved in old churches and buildings. Most of these buildings date from the 19th century but they are beautiful to look at, especially because they are presented with a sense of pride and not as a sign of apology to anyone.

It was refreshing to see so many religious symbols spread all over the city. Many of the old churches were refurbished for worship services. There were 14 plaques spread all over the city containing the story of Jesus' final moments leading to his death and the best part was that those plaques were placed there by the financial help of the government of Victoria (Melbourne is in the state of Victoria). Oh and no, they are not debating whether to take them down in the name of secularism and to appease Muslims or not. These images are there tall and proud whether Muslims and leftists like it or not.

[Sorry, some images are sideways. I am still playing around with my first ever camera and have no time or software to fix the images]

The city officials have made sure to include the history of all of the important buildings, whether they be churches or hotels or statues of the "founding fathers" (oh and even though statues are not allowed in Islam, Australia isn't tearing them down--at least I didn't see appeasement on the streets of Melbourne like I do in European cities).

I was walking around the city center and I only saw one Halal store.

What's funny about this picture is that that store is right next to the police precinct--I guess they know who they have to keep an eye on.

This is where I had lunch--(A note to terrorists: Don't blow it up, I ain't there anymore).

All in all, Melbourne is a beautiful city. Beautiful parks and nice architecture. Out of all the things Melbourne had to offer, I especially liked that the people were not apologetic about being patriotic and I could see that on every corner of the street.

Here are a few random pictures of Melbourne:

I had heard a lot about Australians being racists but I found them to be very welcoming once they knew I wasn't there to blow them up or rape their women (remember the Lebanese on the beach?) I guess when the Australian men stood up against those moronic Lebanese who were Muslims, the rest of the world considered that action to be racist because, of course any action against a Muslim, whether he be a criminal or not, is racism!

Finally, on a bad note, I did find a piece of evidence of Australian racism.

They only allowed WHITE bikers that had a red stick going through them...bastards!

Anyway, this article is getting too long I think, so I will close with a Melbourne sunset.

If anyone here wants to reuse these pictures, feel free to do so and I have 650 more pictures of both New Zealand and Australia, if you're interested, I can send them to you. It might take time for me to do it, but I will send them.

I talked to a couple of people there about the state of things. I will be writing articles about those conversations in the same fashion as my "interview" with the cabin crew that I posted before. I am real busy these days so it is going to take me a while to put all of the stuff up that I gathered on my trip.

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