Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dubai: The Pearl Of The Persian Gulf

The video that I am going to put up with this blog post shows how prostitution and slavery rackets operate in Dubai. How some women come here to work in the "business" willingly and some are forced into it. I must remind the reader and the viewer that this is but the tip of the iceberg.

Although the following video is from 2004, not much has changed except that the situation here has gotten worse.

Dubai, "the pearl of the Persian Gulf", not only allows prostitution and slavery but makes sure the business runs smoothly for all the PIMPS and BOSSES involved.

The video is about 50 minutes long; it is in Armenian with English subtitles and is worth the watch.


Pastorius said...

If I'm not mistaken, Dubai is also in freefall economically. Aren't many of the luxury apartment complexes only 10% filled?

Anonymous said...

The report of occupancy is hard to get hands on here but that is what people are saying on the streets.

What is known for sure though is that most of the luxurious apartment complexes are down 50-60% in prices and rent and they are expected to go down further.

Europeans and Americans have already pulled the plug on many of their projects--one of the being THE TRUMP HOTEL (or whichever name they were going to choose for it).

People are getting out of the country in droves...

All of this is based on talking to different people on the plane and elsewhere, newspapers are NOT ALLOWED to publish any of this. Me writing this here is illegal, or even posting the video that I did is illegal...Oh the joys of living in the UAE.

Pastorius said...

Hope you're well-covered.

You're a brave man.

Ah, here's what I was thinking of earlier:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pastorius,

I missed that posting on IBA. I think I will write about the current economic situation in Dubai especially in regard to the property market.

The UAE passed a law in February, I believe, that basically said that you can't print anything in the newspapers that signals that Dubai economy is bad right now. No losses or canceled projects can be reported. Anyway, I will write about what I hear and see mostly!