Saturday, November 14, 2009

A (Very Stupid) Religious Christian

This is how a article started:

“A religious Christian in Florida tried to send Fort Hood massacre suspect Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan a bouquet of flowers and a note that calls him a "hero," but the man got a knock on his door from the FBI instead, according to a Florida television station.”

It was very easy for them to add this man’s religion in the news. I am sure they didn’t even have to think twice. No one cared about the “backlash” against Christians and no one asked Christians whether they thought this man was following Christ or not. The media has shown time and again that it is quite alright for them to say anything they wish about Christians but saying anything about Islam that is short of glorifying Allah and Mohammed is just unacceptable.

The article continues thus:

“With a Bible close by, a declaration of his Christian beliefs and a website outlining his visits by an angel, Ross said in a television interview that he believes we should all love our enemies.”

Whether what Ross believes is right nor not is a matter that can be debated in another article, however, notice the media bias here. When Muslim terrorists quote Quranic verse after Quranic verse proving that when they kill infidels in the name of Allah, they do so in accordance with Quranic commandment of Jihad—the media decides those Muslims are wrong, Islam is a religion of peace and hence CAIR must be right when they say that we should all respect Muslim values and not listen to what the terrorists are saying. However, for this man, all they had to see was a declaration of his Christian beliefs, his visions and a Bible next to him and conclude, “Yup, a religious Christian!” Imagine if the first thing someone had said was “Ah, a religious Muslim” when Nidal the Muslim terrorist massacred the 13 soldiers…the media would be all over that person like flies on crap calling him/her “racist!” But no, not with Christians that doesn’t happen.

On top of all of this, whenever a Muslim commits a terrorist act or says something stupid, they call CAIR or other Muslim organization to get their opinion and teach us all what Islam really says but when a Christian says something stupid or does something wrong, it is already proven that he is a religious Christian who is following Christianity to the letter. And that “fact” is proven how? He’s got a Bible; he says he’s had visions of angels and he has a statement of faith.

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