Sunday, November 08, 2009

Why Did the Fort Hood Murderer Pull the Trigger?

"This is a thorny issue. Major Nadal was a devout Muslim, he praised attacks against fellow Americans, his loyalty was to Islam first and then America, he distributed copies of Quran before he left and he yelled "Allah-u-Akbar" before he started shooting, however, it is still politically incorrect to speculate that he was a Muslim fundamentalist driven by Islamic ideology in one form or another. It is a travesty to suggest or even speculate that. It is no less than the worst form of racism.

Isn't it racism to think all Muslims are one and the same race?

Not a lot of people are asking why it is so wrong to speculate that. After all, aren't most Muslims peaceful? Aren't we careful enough in the media already as to separate Radical from Peaceful Islam?"

Read the whole article at HERE.

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