Sunday, December 13, 2009

חג חנוכה שמח

Pedestrian Infidel would like to wish our Jewish readers and friends a "Chag Chanukah sameach" or very happy Chanukah.  It's important to point out that Muslims would prefer that this holiday, like all other non Muslim holy days, be obliterated in the name of their "perfect and final religion" (which is of course, none of the above). 

As Robert Spencer has said, "...strike a blow for Western civilization! Wish someone a Happy Chanukah!"  We couldn't agree with him more.


l87 said...

how shameful and ironic for you to be celebrating a holy day like Channakuh and meanwhile bash another religion. Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in the same One God - regardless of their differences - this oneness is the core of the holy books. Please do not share your hate, ignorance and racism with people who want to practice this oneness. You will never have peace and truth in your life with such distorted thinking.

In every religion there exists fundamentalists, even in Judaism, even in Christianity - so why do you only choose to expose the "islamic" fundamentalists?! You have a corrupt agenda.

Fundamentalists do not represent the core of the message and therefore are not supported by the real religious people - so there is no point for you to generalise what a fundamentalist does to represent a entire religion.

may God help you - Earth does not need anymore hateful people like you.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

You know when you're on target when Muslims and their apologists slash dhimmis bash you for 'hate' when you report truths and other observable facts...and yet they decline to report exactly what they find that's so 'hateful'.

Islam is not a religion. And Islam is, by design, fanatical. 'Islamic fundamentalists' is a disingenuous term at best. Mo himself was a murderer, slave-trader, brigand, warlord, etc. Killing, stealing and pillaging in the name of Islam has occurred time and time again in the past 14 centuries and will continue. What else can we expect, when such a criminal like the alleged 'last prophet' has devised his own belief system?

l87 said...

@ 'The Anti-Jihadist',

Are you even a scholar of Islamic studies to be "informing" someone what Islam and the prophetic mission was about? I am sure not becaues there are Christian and Jewish humanities and religious studies scholars who have published their explanations or histiogrpahy of Islam and have yet to make a thesis that Islam is to murder, enslave and war as you accuse it to be.

You say that those who defend religion provide no evidence of hate? The fact that you state "Islam is not a religion" is hateful as well as providing a narrow, one-sided, totally negative perspective defaming a religion practiced by a billion human beings.

You say that Muhammad was such a criminal - well how about christian crusaders, colonialists and imperialists that have a record of millions murdered? How about Jewish occupiars of Arab land who currently are under UN report investigation for human rights violations?! All that was done under the name of religion - so why, like I asked, only slander Islam? Obviously, you have been taught to hate and point blame to only ONE religion. And a religion that is not even the actual practice since your knowledge of it is very limited and negatively biased.

Your accusations of Muhammad being a slave owner is a lie. Bilal was a black slave who Muhammad liberated. The message of Muhammad was to create a brotherhood and sisterhood that was borderless and not under the tribal structure which was full of rivilary. Your claim that he was a murderer, if you actually studied the history of Muhammad, you will find that he never directly killed someone - it was always through a battle with a military force that attacked his city. Would you not defend yourself if you were being physically attacked and persecuted because of your religious belief?

About Jihad, you obviously dont know what Jihad means. Jihad is not a pillar of Islam but some scholars say it is the sixth. Jihad means 'to struggle' and is written down in the Qur'an that the struggle must be exercised in peaceful methods. The only time any human being can use force is if their life is at the moment, directly under threat.

Stop with spreading misinformation and start spreading love, light and peace...the world seriously does not need anymore of this kind of division.