Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Chance For Moderate Muslims To Prove Me Wrong

With the referendum to ban minarets passing with 57% of the population in favor of it, the whole of the West has gone crazy.

"What are Muslims going to think?", "How can we do this to Muslims? Muslims are not going to be happy about this." "We are Europeans and this is against European values." Blah blah blah.

What about the responsibility of Muslims as citizens of Switzerland? Why is everyone so bent on making Muslims happy? How about Muslims compromise for a change?

These Muslims say they are citizens of Switzerland and so should be given equal rights (which they are). Now, because they are citizens of Switzerland, technically, they are Europeans and as Europeans they should respect the decision of the majority of the people in that country.

This is the time for Muslims in Switzerland to prove that they are Swiss and have European values, that they have assimilated. Muslims have a chance here to prove it loud and clear that they are moderate Muslims who have come to Europe to become Europeans and not to make Europe Muslim. Muslims need to shut up and accept this democratic decision. Muslims have to prove that their loyalty is to Europe and European idea of democracy, rather than to the long dead and awaited Islamic caliphate and Shariah law.

My eyes are on Muslims. Let's see how they react to this. They can prove me wrong this time by just shutting up and accepting this decision respectfully. I think they are going to make a fuss about it. I think they will complain. I think they will whine but if they don't then I will accept that there are moderate Muslims that we can count on while we fight Islamic terrorism. Right now, I think there isn't a single Muslim that I would be able to trust.

I hope they change my opinion. I am not very confident about it though.


Jujube said...

Wow, after reading a few entires from your blog, I am thoroughly depressed and disgusted. I am thankful that hateful people such as yourself are still a minority in our world. And I do not think you are racist btw, but ironically you have the same hateful, intolerant attitudes as the terrorists you speak of.

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Oh golly, please do us ignorant infidels a humble favour and please let us know where we have, um, misunderstood Islam. No doubt you feel you understand that belief system much more than us at this blog, yes? I await to be enlightened by you.

Jujube said...

I am not here to teach you about Islam. However it is that you may feel about the religion of Islam is your business. What I have a problem with is the fact that you have dedicated an entire blog to spreading hate and fear against a group of people. If this blog was dedicated to insulting any other group of people or believers, it would be just as offensive.

My point was that this tactic of spreading hate and fear without a sound basis is exactly what terrorists do to get people to support their evil, often political, causes. I believe that despite the fact that there are terrorists groups that exist amongst the various religions and ideologies of the world, that the vast numbers of people on earth, and the vast number of Muslims, only want to live peacefully. They want safety and security, a good education for their children, healthy living conditions, etc.

If you really want to make the world a better place, then do as you mentioned in your article about the hajj. Go do something to improve our society: help the poor, improve our educational system, stand up for the oppressed. And then go write a blog about THAT!

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Not here to teach me about the 'religion of peace'? Oh darn...

Actually we're hear to spread the truth about a belief system. And to stand up for those who are oppressed by that belief system--who are numerous as they are ignored by Muslim apologists like yourself.

Or, in your view, are the 'oppressed' people in this world only Muslims?

You make the usual argument that 'all religions have extremists.' Fine, like we haven't heard that one before. Please disclose to us ignorant savages the current specific Baptist, Methodist, Mormon and Buddhist terror groups now operating in the world, and how many people they have killed in the past several years.

Have a nice infidel day!

Miyuki said...

No wonder bible warned us about "beware wolves that hide under sheep skins". I'm living in a screwed up islam country and I can tell you, Islam just screw everything up! But hey... this might also be part of mother earth's plan to reduce human race as pest... I must say, Islam must came from our mother earth.