Monday, December 28, 2009

Decade ends, Muslims continue to act Muslim

Happy holidays from the Enemies of Islam here at PI! Let's see what the members of the 'Religion of Peace' have been up to this holiday season so far.

A Muslim hailing from a rich banking family in Nigeria (not to be confused with the rich Nigerians who always email you and offer to split $15 million) suddenly becomes 'radicalized'--in other words, he internalized the teachings of the Quran. And on December 25th, the same perp tries to blow up an Airbus with 300 people on board. The only reason the devout Muslim failed in his quest for martyrdom is because of a faulty detonator, and because the security system of last resort on board the aircraft--i.e. the passengers--reacted with their usual aplomb and speed. After all, if you're a passenger and it's your own ass on the line, you'd react pretty fast, too.

Meanwhile, in that little corner of hell on earth otherwise known as the 'Islamic Republic of Iran', the police have started firing live ammunition on the ever-growing crowds who are protesting that despicable regime's existence. The body count is rising--no one can really say how many have died so far, and of course, the Mullahs will deny that they have killed anyone, no matter how high the pile of bodies gets.

The Iranian resistance, who go toe to toe daily empty-handed against gun-wielding thugs, is pleading for help from the outside. Don't worry, my Iranian friends-- Obama is on the case! He has already issued a strongly-worded statement 'deploring' the increasing violence while he keeps playing golf on vacation in Hawaii. That'll learn 'em!

Muslims outside of Iran, of course, can't be bothered with all the violence inside Iran. Not their problem! Who cares about a bunch of heretical Shiites, anyway? It's only news if Jews, Crusaders and Zionists kill Muslims (or can be reasonably or unreasonably accused of doing so).

And the brainless buffoon of a bureaucrat in charge of 'Homeland Security' in the USA is drum-beating a senselessly upbeat message about how the 'system worked' and no flights got blown up on Christmas. Excuse me? How did someone on a terror 'watch list' board an international flight with high explosives? Airport security, where were you and what were you doing? And what the hell does 'watch list' mean anyway? It means we watch the bad guys (who are generally Muslims) get on planes unmolested, lest we somehow needlessly trample on their human rights, yes?

Thanks to Muslims, we haven't been able to carry water bottles into airports for years. And we cannot meet our friends or relatives at the gate anymore, thanks to the 'martyrs' of 9-11. Now, thanks to another devout slave of Allah, we'll all be forced to do without pillows and blankets during long flights, be confined to our seats for part of the flight like we're little kids in kindergarten, and have to abide by whatever other stupid security rules the useless bureaucrats can dream up. You gotta love the government. They can't catch Muslims on terror watch lists, but they can punish the innocent afterward.

With another ten years of Jihad against the airlines, at this rate, we'll end up having to fly naked by the end of the next decade--that is, if we're able to fly at all.


Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

Thanks for this well-written post on the obvious blessings of Islam on the human race, and on us frequent flyers in particular!

european kafir said...

wishing all of pedestrian infidel bloggers... a happy new year. may it bring us peace, which means, that muslims have to stop what they are best at... killing.
i lost my yahoo account... several of them... all due to muslims hacking them.
shalom mark, john and apostate

The Anti-Jihadist said...

Please come back and blog for us again, EK...we miss you. Contact me at the blog email address and we'll work things out.

european kafir said...

thanks A-J.. happy new year. i will blog again, promise:). the muzzies on this world need to fee that life for them will become tougher... all over the world. and if europe is starting to blow at them.. the better. you have no idea how proud i felt.. for the first time in years.. to be swiss, on november 27th (minaret vote).i hope this was only the first step of many others...