Friday, December 18, 2009

Muslim lies and distortions, rebutted (again)

Recently, a follower of ‘allah’s last prophet’ (lower case intentional) emerged from one of the cracks in cyberspace to defend that peculiar ‘religion’ of his, Islam.  I wanted to rebut this Muslim’s arguments at length.  So have a look at the following—the Muslim’s remarks are in italics (including his spelling and grammatical mistakes), with my rebuttals immediately thereafter.

Are you even a scholar of Islamic studies to be "informing" someone what Islam and the prophetic mission was about? I am sure not becaues there are Christian and Jewish humanities and religious studies scholars who have published their explanations or histiogrpahy of Islam and have yet to make a thesis that Islam is to murder, enslave and war as you accuse it to be.

The implication here is that people like us, or anyone else, have no right to say anything about Islam without years and years of study under some properly vetted Arabic-reading Islamic ‘scholar’.  And even then, only positive remarks about Islam are allowed. 

My opponent is revealing his bald-faced ignorance of the many published books that have already exposed Islam and its murderous, aggressive ways.  Perhaps he hasn’t taken a few moments to examine our sidebar here at this blog.  Furthermore, this Muslim has (obviously) never read any of the books of Robert Spencer, Bat Yeor, Wafa Sultan, Andrew Bostom and other well-read, highly educated writers who, thanks to years of research and study, know exactly what Islam is all about.  I’d suggest you pick up Wafa Sultan’s latest tome, ‘A God who Hates’ and see what she’s talking about (hint…the title is about a certain moon god named ‘allah’), but I know better than to make any suggestions to the likes of you.

You say that those who defend religion provide no evidence of hate? The fact that you state "Islam is not a religion" is hateful as well as providing a narrow, one-sided, totally negative perspective defaming a religion practiced by a billion human beings.

Making an empirical, negative factual observation (i.e. Islam is not a religion) is somehow ‘hateful’ and ‘defamatory’.  Of course, when Muslims themselves or their own ‘holy’ texts lambaste Christians and Jews, or other belief systems, cursing them as evil and wicked, on their own TV channels and inside their mosques every Friday…well, those actions are never ‘defamatory’.  It’s only defamatory when you criticize Islam, never other belief systems.  Got that, everyone? 

You say that Muhammad was such a criminal - well how about christian crusaders, colonialists and imperialists that have a record of millions murdered? How about Jewish occupiars of Arab land who currently are under UN report investigation for human rights violations?! All that was done under the name of religion - so why, like I asked, only slander Islam? Obviously, you have been taught to hate and point blame to only ONE religion. And a religion that is not even the actual practice since your knowledge of it is very limited and negatively biased.

When confronted with ‘Prophet’ Mo’s criminal record, Muslims love to just change the subject, as if the alleged sins of others somehow expunge Mo’s long rap sheet.  Of course, what we’re seeing yet again is more Muslim misdirection, all to make the dhimmis and other weak-minded less mindful of what criminal acts Islam’s supposed prophet actually carried out.

As for the Crusades… Muslims do love talking about the Crusades.  And many westerners love apologizing for them.  To hear both parties tell the story, one would believe that Muslims were just peacefully minding their own business in lands that were legitimately Muslim when Christian armies decided to wage holy war and “murder millions.”

Here are some quick facts.

The first Crusade began in 1095, 460 years after the first Christian city was overrun by Muslim armies, 457 years after Jerusalem was conquered by Muslim armies, 453 years after Egypt was taken by Muslim armies, 443 after Muslims first plundered Italy, 427 years after Muslim armies first laid siege to the Christian capital of Constantinople, 380 years after Spain was conquered by Muslim armies, 363 years after France was first attacked by Muslim armies, 249 years after Rome itself was sacked by a Muslim army, and only after centuries of church burnings, killings, enslavement and forced conversions of Christians.  By the time the Crusades finally began, Muslim armies had conquered two-thirds of the Christian world. 

So this makes the Crusades less an act of naked aggression or imperialism, and more like long-deferred, limited counteroffensives, against a mortal enemy.  I’m not surprised that my Muslim ‘friend’ left out these details.

As for the “Jewish occupiars” (sic) that my opponent so blithely mentions, the Arab occupation of much of Israel (Judea, Samaria, et al) is now in its 1,378th year.

The message of Muhammad was to create a brotherhood and sisterhood that was borderless and not under the tribal structure which was full of rivilary. Your claim that he was a murderer, if you actually studied the history of Muhammad, you will find that he never directly killed someone - it was always through a battle with a military force that attacked his city.

By this logic, Hitler never killed anyone either.

Obviously, if you order the execution of prisoners or the murder of critics by those who are under your command, then you are at least as guilty as those who carry out your orders.  In Mo’s case, the number of people that he had murdered were literally too many for historians to fully know. 

Shall I elucidate? 

Well, there were the men taken prisoner at Badr (including one who cried out for his children at the point of execution), a mother of five (stabbed to death for questioning Mo’s claim to be a prophet), dozens of Jewish citizens, including poets and merchants who were accused of mocking Islam, numerous adulterers, at least one slave girl, 800 Qurayza men and boys taken captive and beheaded on Mo’s order, a Qurayza woman made delirious by the execution of her family, and an unfortunate individual who was tortured to death so that the prophet of Islam could discover his hidden treasure and then “marry” his freshly-widowed wife.

About Jihad, you obviously dont know what Jihad means. Jihad is not a pillar of Islam but some scholars say it is the sixth. Jihad means 'to struggle' and is written down in the Qur'an that the struggle must be exercised in peaceful methods. The only time any human being can use force is if their life is at the moment, directly under threat.

If Jihad is so ‘peaceful’, then why does the Quran (Sura 48:17) mention that the sick and the elderly are exempt from it?  A verse from Bukhari (V4B53N412) states quite plainly that Jihad is Holy War:

"Allah’s Apostle said on the day of the conquest of Mecca, 'There is no migration now, only Jihad, holy battle. And when you are called for Jihad, you should come out at once.'"

Many other verses from the Quran and Bukhari make it plain as day that Muslims are taught to wage holy war—JIHAD—on nonbelievers.  It is written in plain language.  Does these sound like ‘peaceful methods’ to you? 

Stop with spreading misinformation and start spreading love, light and peace...the world seriously does not need anymore of this kind of division.

As usual, Muslims want critics of Islam, like us, to be silent.  Muslims seek to destroy freedom of speech by forcing those who disagree into silence.  Thanks but no thanks!  We have no such intension of stopping with our ‘spreading of misinformation’.  And as for division, you Muslims divided the world into slave and kufr 14 centuries ago, a division that has existed for far too long.


Anonymous said...

Great post AJ.

I don't know why Muslims even bother lying about their stupid, dumb-witted religion.

"You can't criticize Islam because you are not a Muslim and a scholar". Well my question to them is, "Are you even a scholar? Have you ever read your stupid Quran without putting your head up your butt?"

They need to grow up and grow some brains (I know, impossible for them). Every thing you reveal about Islam, they scream "racism, or hateful speech", get this Einstiens, its not hateful or racist when its true. Oh and Islam is not a race you morons!

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Yes, excellent post!