Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why Do Muslims Hate Americans?

This is something that Americans should be reminded of over and over. This is something that happened in history that people seldom know about anymore.

Watch and learn:

Watch the rest of the videos by this vlogger on "Islamic Crusades" here.

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Unknown said...

Barbary pirates did not single out Americans they attacked everyone. and even if they did, why would it matter now? Just as most Americans hold no hatred for British because of the Revolutionary war or the War of 1812...and we don't hate Mexicans because of the Mexican-American war...we don't hate Spain...we don't hate Japan...we don't hate Germany...What makes you think twenty something year old, poorly educated, empoverished young men from the middle east care anything about what happened hundreds of years ago. They attack us and Europeans because we meddle and interfere in their countries. Im sure you and I would feel the same sort of animosity if Iran had permanent military bases in the mainland U.S. and regularly used their military to interfere in North American afairs. Just take a step back and put things in perspective