Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I know about Islam


Thorum said...

Pat is the best!!

Knowledge Seeker said...

Dear blogger and all

I wish to share with you the following:

There are those whom speek badly of Islam based on ignorance, misinformation, and incorrect assumptions.

I invite you to the following websites to learn the truth about Islam, and to provide you with better understanding which is vital for peaceful co-excistance. Our God is one God, (Allah) in Arabic, was present in the bible (Alah) (with one l) but have been removed, as shown in the following link.

Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) whom is spoken of without knowledge can be found in the early scriptures. The chapter number and verses are provided for you to have a look at in the following link:
Prophet Jesus and Muhammad (Peace be upon them) in the Holy Quran and Previous Scriptures

Othr useful websites
Discover the truth about Islam

Islam religion

The truth about Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)

Islam's answer to the racial problem: by a German diplomat

Islam and science

The purpose of this comment is to clear all the wrong misconceptions and stereotypes associated with Islam and its association with terrorism. I encourage you to research the islamic websites I provided you, and not anti-islamic websites and productions which feed your mind and others with incorrect information and hatred.

Those whom produce Anti-Islamic/offensive productions inevitably intend to incite and provoke unrest and intolerance among people of different religious beliefs, and to jeopardize world peace and stability. Hidden under the cover of freedom of expression.

In your scripture it says "blessed are the peacemakers"
I hope you learn the truth, and I hope there will be better understanding between Jews, Christians, and Muslims for peaceful co-existence. We should all be increasing dialouge and understanding, not fueling hatred and extremism.

Thank you