Thursday, October 28, 2010

The US and India--an alliance in fact if not in name

America and India being partners makes a whole lots of sense, both politically and strategically. They have cultural and linguistic ties, both are English speaking democracies, and both have the same interests: globalization, economic liberalization, and the containment of China.  But most importantly, India is an invaluable ally in defeating armed Jihad. Noted author and pundit Austin Bay is on the same wavelength.

America's Evolving Passage to India

by Austin Bay
October 26, 2010

President Barack Obama's looming post-election state visit to India is another indication of evolution and maturation -- the incremental but genuine change measured in decades that marks the coalescing of U.S. and Indian global interests.

Media coverage has thus far portrayed the trip as either a presidential escape from an anticipated midterm electoral defeat or a multibillion dollar weapons-peddling expedition with the president as salesman in chief.

These near-term interpretations both contain a grain of truth, but they shouldn't obscure the truly compelling story: the great U.S.-India rapprochement is one of the early 21st century's major historic events. To illustrate, let's go to the 21st century map of India, and view it and President Obama's visit from the perspective of a Chinese admiral sitting in Beijing.

The Indian subcontinent physically dominates the Indian Ocean. China, seeking to assure a steady supply of raw materials and energy for its expanding economy, has invested a lot of time and money in Africa and the Middle East. Tankers carry oil from Sudan and merchant vessels cobalt from the Congo to Chinese ports. These ships pass through waters patrolled by the Indian Navy, which is a rather formidable and increasingly modern force.

Our Chinese admiral knows his history. China's 1950 invasion of Tibet riled India. China's military support of Pakistan and its clandestine encouragement of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program also irritate New Delhi. In 1962, India and China fought the Sino-Indian War along their Himalayan frontier. That war remains something of a "frozen" conflict politically, and given the altitude, literally. Despite negotiations, the border dispute is not quite resolved.

Should another conflict erupt, the Indian Navy is positioned to damage if not strangle China's economy. Moreover, India just might have America on its side. For over two decades, American strategists have touted the logic of an Indo-American alliance based on linguistic and cultural connections, accelerating economic cooperation and -- well, here's the gist of it -- an increasing interest in curbing Chinese hegemony in Asia.

Sept. 11 and Islamist terrorist attacks in India forge another common cause. As for mutual economic interests, an Indian technician fixing an American computer from a call center in Bangalore is a telling indicator. The Indian government, unlike China's, does not fear global connectivity.

Chinese admirals aren't the only ones who see the implications of this strategic merger. Diplomats in New Delhi and Washington are quite aware of it.

Mention "alliance" and the U.S. in the same sentence, however, and India's left-wing parties go berserk. Indian ultra-nationalists who still rail about British colonialism remain deeply suspicious of political entanglements with the U.S. -- though there seems to be little objection to cooperating with other former British colonies like Australia and Singapore.

So "alliance" is a word Indian and American diplomats intentionally avoid. Three years ago, I interviewed James Clad -- at the time the Department of Defense's deputy assistant secretary for South and Southeast Asia -- about the prospects for a formal U.S.-India defense alliance. Clad demurred. "We're not looking for an alliance with anyone. ... It (the word "alliance") sends a wrong signal," for alliances "figure a real or potential opponent." It was a deft answer. Why provoke the Chinese admiral?

Clad now teaches at the National Defense University. This past week, he told a Reuters reporter, "The maturation of U.S.-India defense ties is steady ... ." That was another deft answer, and accurate.

The relationship between India, the developing giant, and the U.S., the developed giant, is maturing -- and Obama's presidential visit is part of this long, involved and delicate diplomatic process that began developing as the Cold War ended. It is in both India's and America's long-term interest that this process continue.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Israel and the meaningless 'peace' talks

The so-called 'peace talks' between Israel and the Arabs ("Palestinians") are going nowhere.  Which should not be a surprise.  The local Arabs believe in their hearts, and teach their children about the need to destroy Israel.  These taqiyya-spewing deceivers give lip service to 'peace' when they talk in English for the Western media or glad-hand naive Western diplomats. But in Arabic, they preach and clamor for war, death and destruction:

The current round of peace talks, sponsored by the United States, continues to produce nothing. Palestinian officials, when speaking in Arabic, openly describe the talks as just a propaganda opportunity to make Israel look bad. These same Palestinian officials repeat the same goals they have been pushing for decades, that of destroying Israel, not making peace deals. Officially, most Western nations refuse to recognize this reality, although, off-the-record, they are scrambling to figure out how to deal with the Arab intransigence. The fixation on destroying Israel is another manifestation of the "Arab disease" that the Arabs are not eager to deal with at the moment. But so many Arab nations have, for so long, backed the "Israel must be destroyed" line, that it is seen as too difficult to change now. So the Arab world continues down the path to nowhere, and the rest of world generally stumbles along behind them.

Here in Malaysia, there is no change--and why would there be--from the official government position to support the Arabs and their goals of destroying Israel.  Although the Malaysians will never quite come out and say this (officially). Meanwhile, Malaysia's ally in Tehran continues arming their Palestinian proxies, building their nuclear bomb and evading sanctions, all aided and abetted by their allies in Beijing and Putrajaya.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Worshipping Allah in a Church

(This post is mainly intended for the Christian/Jewish readers of this blog. Atheist/Agnostics might not be able to relate to it that much. But of course, everyone is welcome to read and comment. ;-) )

I haven’t stepped into a mosque in about 4 years, if I remember correctly. And I don’t miss a thing. Yes, it was my past and yes, I still have memories from those horrible days of my life but that’s all it is. Memories and past. I have moved on. I have adopted a Christian name and I have changed.

One of the first thing that I tried to do (and I think I have been very successful at it) was remove everything that was part of my life or my self that was even remotely Islamic. I have changed my thinking, my culture and everything else to become this new man that I am. I have lost a lot too along the way but there is nothing that I have now that I would even think about giving up for things that I had in the past. I have lost my old family and friends but in their stead I have gained many times more—both family and friends. God has been good to me.

God. I have devoted my life to getting to know who God really is. What he likes, what he doesn’t like or what he out-rightly hates (This might be shocking for some Christians but God does hate). Reading the Bible (mainly the Tanakh) over and over and obsessing over different passages, I have gotten to know a God who is caring, loving, just and real! The God that I know exists is a God that I have gotten to know not only through the Bible but also through personal experience (no, I didn’t see any visions or bright lights and crap). And this is the God I want to worship when I go to church.

However, today when I was at church, all of a sudden the people decide they wanted to sing a song with one of the lines translated into Arabic. And guess what they replaced the word God with. Yup, Allah. And that is not even the worst part. For normal songs, people were just singing but when the Arabic and the word Allah came up, they all went crazy with their arms in the air, waving from side to side. It was a real worship but after so many years of carefully staying away from the mosque, I felt like I had stepped into one again and I did so innocently and unknowingly but I did so willingly.

Anyone that believes that Allah is the Arabic word for God is nothing but stupid. Because if you were interested and studied Arabic even a little bit, you’d know that the Arabic word for God is “Ilah” and the Arabic word for “the God” is Al-Ilah. Allah is not even a definable word. Allah has been used as a proper name for chief pagan deities in Mecca since before the advent of Islam. The war-cry of Islam “Allah-hu-akbar” meaning “Allah is greater” attests to that history of the word Allah. Point is, Allah is the proper name of the Islamic god (La ILAHa il ALLAH…—means there is no god but Allah).

It is true that the first ever Bible that was translated into Arabic (9th century AD) used the word Allah for God, however, don’t forget that that translation was 1) intended for the Arab world 2) translated by a Christian living in Muslim lands 3) translated so that Muslims won’t find it offensive and might even come to Christ if they think Muslims and Christians believe in the same god. Every other translation that has followed has followed one or all of the above points.

I have said this before but now I see it in my own church, with people that I think and know love God and actually believe that they’re doing the right thing, I see that slowly everyone is bowing to Islam. And innocent people don’t know a thing about what they’re doing. It breaks my heart to see that in this age of information technology the one thing that people don’t have is information and if they do, they have the wrong kind, the kind that is known as “a lie”. It is easy and it is comfortable to believe in a lie. It is comfortable to think Jesus was some sort of a teddy bear that would hug everyone because people accept you better if you’re all love. People don’t like you if you tell them they’re wrong. And people want to be liked. For some reason it has become people’s need to be liked. To be accepted.

There are a lot of things that we believe in solely because that’s what makes us comfortable (for example, my belief that there is one true God might be thought as a false belief by some). I was very comfortable when I was a Muslim. But what I saw the truth, I took hard, solid steps to get out of my comfort zone and change my thinking and personality. I changed my whole life and I am very glad about it. I am willing to do the same all over again if I find out that what I believe to be true is, in fact, not true. A lot of us might have to do that if we stand a chance to come out alive of this mess that Islam has made. A lot of us will need to understand that Allah is a different god. A lot will need to understand that Jesus wasn’t all love. And a lot of us will, after we realize it all, need to change our lives radically.

Sadly, I don’t see a lot of us willing to do that though.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The next possible Islamic Revolution

For everyone who thought the Islamic revolution in Iran 31 years ago was intolerable, consider this unpleasant scenario.  What if something along the same lines unfolded in another country in the Middle East?  Everyone who isn't a devout Muslim--i.e. most rational thinking humans--know how disastrous Iran's piously Islamic regime has been, not only for their own people, but for the peace of the surrounding region, if not the world. 

The same situation may be shaping up again, this time in the heart of the Arabic world, a country at a sensitive geopolitical flashpoint and at the heart of Sunni Arab culture. And that country is Egypt.

Think this situation is far fetched? Consider some unsettling facts which could be converging into a point in the near--perhaps the very near--future.

Consider that Egypt is run by a dictatorship, currently headed by a doddering 82 year old Hosni Mubarak, who assumed power almost 30 years ago himself following the assassination of his predecessor. His tyrannical government is utterly despised and discredited by its own people, and dares not run free elections in fear of the utter shellacking they would receive at the hands of the voters. Over the course of several decades, Mubarak and his people have managed to turn Egypt into a cultural, technological and social backwater. They have done this by consistently demonstrating levels of incompetence and corruption which stagger the imagination. With all of these factors, Mubarak is looking rather like Iran's Shah was in the late 1970s. The only thing keeping this more-or-less secular dictatorship in power is a somewhat effective secret police force, and an opposition movement that is still not quite organized. Yet.

And what is this organized Egyptian opposition movement, that finds fervent support in every mosque and back alley in a sweltering, festering Cairo?  It's none other than the Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of all active jihadist movements, including Al Qaeda. The Brotherhood was itself ultimately responsible for murdering Mubarak's predecessor, Anwar Sadat, the man who dared to make peace with the hated Jews. Their popularity in Egypt at the grassroots level, as well as the entire 'Arab Street', is unparalleled.  And make no mistake--the Muslim Brotherhood is no friend of non Muslims, especially the hated 'Great Satan'.  The Brotherhood, in accordance with the teachings of their 'prophet', recently declared war on Israel, the US, and the West in general:

"The improvement and change that the [Muslim] nation seeks can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice and by raising a jihadi generation that pursues death just as its enemies pursue life."

This is the movement that is poised to storm into power, should Mubarak's government collapse either by accident or by design.

A Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt would present a strategic nightmare for the United States and promptly put next-door Israel into an intolerable strategic dilemma. A hugely vital waterway, the Suez Canal, would fall into the hands of the Salafists, as would billions of dollars of American weaponry, including hundreds of F-16 aircraft and M-1 battle tanks.  More importantly than this, the fall of Mubarak's government, replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood, would galvanize and drum up support for devout Muslim movements everywhere and set back U.S. interests at every level. War would be more likely for the region, and not less.

But most important of all, the causes of freedom and rationality would be set back generations, drowned out in an Islamic cacophony of bloodlust and violence. Another generation would be sacrificed, and lost.  For nothing.

If there was ever a time for prayer, this is the time.  Thanks to feckless, spineless and shortsighted leaders, prayer is about the only option we have left.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Islam - A False Religion of Lies, Hate and Violence

by A. Sayer


Most people would prefer to blindly assume that Islam is a valid "religion of peace and love", without really looking at what it (and the Quran) says. The remaining few would dare to actually read it for themselves. This is for the latter of the two.


The Quran is only about 450 pages long, yet terms like "retribution" appear an astounding 369 times. By the time you add in the many other calls for killing and violence, not a page goes by without at least one call for Muslim brutality or revenge or murder.


Even the Ahadith, which Muslims place on EQUAL authority with the Quran, has numerous calls for violence. In it, there are even a number of calls for violence IN their own Mosques! Yes, in several instances, if someone so much as passes in front of another Muslim during worship in a Mosque, a devout Muslim is expected to commit a bodily ASSAULT on that man!


So, for those who want to know, let's look at just some of the violent nature of Islam from the Quran.

The Quran: Violent From the Very Beginning 


When you start to read the Quran, you can not make it past the 7th verse before Muhammad's seething hatred (of Jews, Christians and all who refuse to accept Islam) starts to show through. And, you can not make it past the 14th verse without hitting the first "retribution". By the time you get to the 17th verse [Sura 2:10], you have already been hit with the second "retribution". It quickly becomes apparent that the Quran is a book of vengeful intentions, and is biased against anyone who is not a Muslim.


The Quran is also a book of argument; a feeble attempt to refute other religions, particularly Christianity and Judaism. This starts to become evident by the 15th verse. By the 17th verse, the Quran is already calling all who choose not to become Muslim, "diseased", and says they are "lying":


[2:10] In their minds there is a disease. Consequently, GOD augments their disease. They have incurred a painful RETRIBUTION for their lying.


Remember, this is only 17 verses into the Quran - it gets much worse from there (the first "chapter" is only 7 verses long). By the time you get only 25 (total) verses into the Quran, it becomes very evident that it is a concentrated tirade against all other religions. By the time you get only 30 verses into the Quran, it is already describing "hell" and attempting to employ scare tactics to get people to become Muslim.


So, when I hear people assuming that Islam is a "peaceful and loving" religion, I know immediately that they have never made even the slightest effort to understand Islam by reading any of the Quran. Such is the "religious" nature of humanity; most don't even know the tenets of their own religion, much less those of other religions. It has been proven that the same even applies to Muslims themselves regarding their understanding of Islam; most don't know very much about Islam, the Quran or Muhammad. All they know is that it's a good excuse to show their truly violent nature.


Fighting in the "Cause of God"


"Cause of God" = used 44 times


[2:154] Do not say of those who are KILLED in the CAUSE OF GOD, "They are dead." They are alive at their Lord, but you do not perceive. *


"Striving"; "strive" for the "Cause of God": used 9 times

"Spend"; "spending" in the "Cause of God": used 10 times

"Strive w/money & life" in the "Cause of God": used 4 times

"killed" in the "Cause of God": used 4 times

"Fight" in the "Cause of God": used 10 times

"Mobilize" (for war) in the "Cause of God": used 6 times

"Strike" in the "Cause of God": used 1 time


"Mobilize" = used 26 times


[9:38-39] O you who believe, when you are told, "MOBILIZE in the cause of GOD," why do you become heavily attached to the ground? Have you chosen this worldly life in place of the Hereafter? The materials of this world, compared to the Hereafter, are nil. Unless you MOBILIZE, He will commit you to painful retribution and substitute other people in your place; you can never hurt Him in the least. GOD is Omnipotent.


The intent is clear - Muslim "Mobilization" is FOR war:


[9:83] If GOD returns you to a situation where they ask your permission to mobilize with you, you shall say, "You will never again mobilize with me, nor will you ever fight with me against any enemy. For you have chosen to be with the sedentary in the first place. Therefore, you must stay with the sedentary."


[8:60] You shall prepare for them all the power you can muster, and all the equipment * you can mobilize, that you may frighten the enemies of GOD, your enemies, as well as others who are not known to you; GOD knows them. Whatever you spend in the cause of GOD will be repaid to you generously, without the least injustice.


[4:71] O you who believe, you shall remain alert, and mobilize as individuals, or mobilize all together.


* For a Christian, the only "equipment" they need is true faith (in a real God) and the Scriptures, but for Muslims, this means real war equipment, real fighting and real dying. There is no way to get "killed in the cause of God", or "strive with your money and your life" unless this is absolutely literal. These do not speak of kindly religious "ideals" - they speak of very real violent intents.

Monday, October 11, 2010

On This Day In 732, Charles the Hammer Stopped Islam's Advance on the West

by Citizen Warrior

ISLAM CONQUERED most of the Middle East and North Africa and then came across the Straights of Gibraltar and conquered Spain, subjugating the people under Islamic rule, giving the European (mostly Christian and Jewish) people the choice of conversion to Islam or perpetual underling status burdened with a tax on non-Muslims (vital funds Muslims used to finance further conquests).

Islamic armies moved north into what is now France (known as Gaul at the time). That was the high-water mark of Islam's first major invasion of Europe , because it was there they were stopped.

After several large battles, the Islamic hordes were defeated by an army led by Charles Martel, who came to be known as Charles the Hammer. The final and decisive battle occurred on October 11th, 732, one hundred years after the death of Mohammad.

Europe is being invaded again by Islamic hordes. This time they are being welcomed in by people ignorant of history and ignorant of Islamic doctrine.

People who are committed to Islam's political goal of world domination have been swarming into Europe by the millions, gaining more and more political clout and winning more and more battles as Europeans concede their freedoms, their land, and their money to this aggressive and relentless ideology.

But they will be stopped. Europeans are not spineless people. Not even all of Europe 's politicians are spineless. Islam was stopped before — despite the fact that many European kings had made deals and allied themselves with the Muslims to gain a temporary political advantage. It was happening then. It is happening now.

But Europe is waking up and so is America , Australia , and India . The more people know about basic Islamic doctrine, the more immune they become to the political manipulations of orthodox Muslims. Concessions made will be revoked. The West will rise again and stop Islam for the third time.

To fortify our commitment to our future victory, today we honor the fighting spirit of Charles the Hammer.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Islam’s Invasion Ideology

Friday, 01 October 2010 

Martel Sobieskey

In the same way that a fake $100 bill is not legitimate currency, Islam is a counterfeit religion and therefore does not qualify for first amendment status. It is extremely incorrect to categorize Islam as a religion when its core literature and bloody track record prove a thousand times over that it is an -- Invasion ideology, a shrewd and cunning predator -- disguising itself as a religion.

rightsidenews_camps_02Irrefutable evidence proves Islam to be a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and a "Trojan horse" hell bent upon destroying all religions and nations worldwide. This irrefutable evidence is a book called the Koran where Allah commands that all Muslims must wage Jihad until the entire world and every single person is either converted to Islam, enslaved, murdered, tortured or abused.

"Fight them until all opposition ends, and all submit to Allah" (Koran: 8:39)

The Koran is a Manual of War

It is an error for anyone to call Islam a religion, but for those who insist, it's best referred to as a "Religion of War" that has arrived on our shore as an enemy invader for the sole purpose of conquering our nation. This point cannot be overemphasized.

The Koran vows to vanquish all religions and nations worldwide.  Allah himself is the protagonist who relishes the role of a "hit man" vowing to knock off every person who rejects Islam -- sending them to burn in everlasting hell.  For Allah, there is nothing more heinous and loathsome than those infidels (non-believers) who refuse to convert, and there is nothing he will not do to eradicate them.

"I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore, smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off their fingers and toes." (Koran 8:12)

  "Allah wished to confirm the truth by his words: Wipe the infidels out to the last." (Koran: 8:7)

Read the Koran for Yourself

Don't take my word on it.  Read the Koran.  By so doing you will be outraged and ask, "Why in heavens name would any person with integrity and intellectual objectivity call such a blood thirsty and homicidally bigoted "tirade" -- a sacred and holy book?"

Below are two sources for authentic passages from the Koran. The first is entitled   "Islamic Quotes"  taken from .  It provides a few hundred quotes organized into 30 different categories and is very "digestible" giving immediate insight into the malevolence of the Koran and related Islamic texts. The second is an article by Citizen Warrior  encouraging everyone to read the Koran, especially "An Abridged Koran" by CSPI. The advantage of the abridged version is that it eliminates monotonous repetition and provides commentary giving a comprehensive perspective and meaning to the text.

Neutralizing Islam

One does not need a crystal ball to foretell that Islam will turn America into a living hell if left unchecked.  9/11 was America's initiation into the so called "religious rites" of Islam. Millions of Americans are outraged that the real culprit in this attack has been given a "free pass" to continue its rampage. 

Since 9/11, the  religion of peace website has documented 16,124 deadly attacks committed by Islam as mandated by the Koran. These prove that Islam does not deserve the status of a religion and that America has been hoodwinked by so doing. We need to face reality, and implement effective methods if we wish to protect our nation from this religious imposter.

One writer bringing clarity to the situation is Daniel Greenfield. In his article: "Can We Ban Islam? Legal Guidelines for the Criminalization of Islam in the United States" he states in the affirmative that America can legally ban Islam because:

 "Organizations aimed at the overthrow of the United States can be banned and membership in them can even be criminalized."

They key word here is "overthrow".  Any group that wishes to overthrow the United States can be banned. It is well past time for open debate and discussion upon this issue in regards to Islam.

To reiterate, Islam does not qualify for religion status in the USA because it an Invasion Ideology which absolutely mandates the conquest of the United States.  Please see my related article entitled "Demoting Islam's Religion Status"  it provides the basic elements for discussion and reflection.  Also, a must see "you tube" video named "3 Things about Islam" provides a concise summary of the challenge we face.  It is imperative for all Americans to learn the truth about Islam or it will eventually destroy us.

Martel Sobieskey has 36 years research experience in the field of religious conditioning and its relationship to warfare.  He is greatly alarmed that American politicians, military commanders, educators, journalists, intelligence analysts, and security and police personnel have failed to comprehend the deeply entrenched jihadist conditioning inherent in all of Islam – moderates included.

The fake lawyer 'Ramli Sariman', phone# +60166144965

Well Malaysians, the fake lawyer 'Ramli Sariman' is still at it, sending me emails so I can get part of a fake inheritance that doesn't exist.  He (and the online scammers are always men) even sent me a faked-up photo shopped MYKAD to 'prove' that his supposedly dying client is real.

I invite all Malaysians and anyone else interested in justice to give this frauster a call.  Lots and lots of calls, at all hours.  Make his mobile ring and ring and do not let him get any rest!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Fight scammers in Malaysia!

Hello dear readers! In a departure from our normal topic, I would like to bring to the attention of our Malaysian readers the problem of scammers in Malaysia.  These scammers (and no, I am not talking about our government for this once) are people who try to 'con' or steal money from innocents via the net. They could be Malaysians or foreigners who are here on one pretext or another.  If you aren't familiar with these ruthless predators and heartless crooks of the net, take at look at this previous article on the topic.

I recently got an email from one apparent Malaysian based scammer, who identified himself as "Ramli Sariman". Of course this name is an alias, and the message he sends is as fake as the name. Here is the mail:

Dear Sir,
You have nothing to worry about as your part in the project will be well stated out in the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT which will be sent to you. This is why we need your data to prepare the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. Also to be prepared is the LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION which will enable the funds to be released by the bank.
Do not worry about money rules in your country as the total funds will be transferred to you without contravening the international transfer laws of my country or the Federal monetary Laws and Regulations of your country as well. The first step is for us to get permission from the Supreme Court here in Malaysia giving us the go ahead to prepare a letter of authorization. (This is in accordance with section 45 sub section 5 (b) of the international remittance laws). This letter of authorization is the binding document to prove that the funds have been left in your care. As soon as we get the permission, we will proceed to prepare the letter of authorization right away.A copy of this letter of authorization will be sent to you via email or fax. The hard copy will be in our possession.
The second step is to make the funds tax-free both here and in your country as the funds is intened to be spent on Charity which is non profitable. This is to ensure that the financial regulatory body in your country does not apprehend you for tax evasion or money laundering. This will be made possible through the newly introduced Financial Reporting, Disclosure and Prospectus Requirements agency who will contact the Federal Regulatory Agencies in your country to square things up.
After we have successfully achieved the above, you will be directed to contact the Bank in possession of the funds who will further instruct you on steps to take in ensuring a hitch free electronic transfer of the funds to your account.

I will also give you a call after you provide your data as I would love to speak with you.
Ramli Sariman

Of course, this entire email is nothing but lies and concocted bullshit. Millions of mails like this go out over the Internet everyday, and some people are gullible or foolish enough to fall for it.

I invite our Malaysian readers to call this 'Encik Sariman' at the listed mobile number to give him a piece of their minds.  Tell him what you think of his nefarious deeds and his thievery!  Pass this number to everyone you know, call him day and night and not let this b*stard get any rest!