Saturday, October 02, 2010

Fight scammers in Malaysia!

Hello dear readers! In a departure from our normal topic, I would like to bring to the attention of our Malaysian readers the problem of scammers in Malaysia.  These scammers (and no, I am not talking about our government for this once) are people who try to 'con' or steal money from innocents via the net. They could be Malaysians or foreigners who are here on one pretext or another.  If you aren't familiar with these ruthless predators and heartless crooks of the net, take at look at this previous article on the topic.

I recently got an email from one apparent Malaysian based scammer, who identified himself as "Ramli Sariman". Of course this name is an alias, and the message he sends is as fake as the name. Here is the mail:

Dear Sir,
You have nothing to worry about as your part in the project will be well stated out in the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT which will be sent to you. This is why we need your data to prepare the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. Also to be prepared is the LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION which will enable the funds to be released by the bank.
Do not worry about money rules in your country as the total funds will be transferred to you without contravening the international transfer laws of my country or the Federal monetary Laws and Regulations of your country as well. The first step is for us to get permission from the Supreme Court here in Malaysia giving us the go ahead to prepare a letter of authorization. (This is in accordance with section 45 sub section 5 (b) of the international remittance laws). This letter of authorization is the binding document to prove that the funds have been left in your care. As soon as we get the permission, we will proceed to prepare the letter of authorization right away.A copy of this letter of authorization will be sent to you via email or fax. The hard copy will be in our possession.
The second step is to make the funds tax-free both here and in your country as the funds is intened to be spent on Charity which is non profitable. This is to ensure that the financial regulatory body in your country does not apprehend you for tax evasion or money laundering. This will be made possible through the newly introduced Financial Reporting, Disclosure and Prospectus Requirements agency who will contact the Federal Regulatory Agencies in your country to square things up.
After we have successfully achieved the above, you will be directed to contact the Bank in possession of the funds who will further instruct you on steps to take in ensuring a hitch free electronic transfer of the funds to your account.

I will also give you a call after you provide your data as I would love to speak with you.
Ramli Sariman

Of course, this entire email is nothing but lies and concocted bullshit. Millions of mails like this go out over the Internet everyday, and some people are gullible or foolish enough to fall for it.

I invite our Malaysian readers to call this 'Encik Sariman' at the listed mobile number to give him a piece of their minds.  Tell him what you think of his nefarious deeds and his thievery!  Pass this number to everyone you know, call him day and night and not let this b*stard get any rest!

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