Sunday, October 24, 2010

Israel and the meaningless 'peace' talks

The so-called 'peace talks' between Israel and the Arabs ("Palestinians") are going nowhere.  Which should not be a surprise.  The local Arabs believe in their hearts, and teach their children about the need to destroy Israel.  These taqiyya-spewing deceivers give lip service to 'peace' when they talk in English for the Western media or glad-hand naive Western diplomats. But in Arabic, they preach and clamor for war, death and destruction:

The current round of peace talks, sponsored by the United States, continues to produce nothing. Palestinian officials, when speaking in Arabic, openly describe the talks as just a propaganda opportunity to make Israel look bad. These same Palestinian officials repeat the same goals they have been pushing for decades, that of destroying Israel, not making peace deals. Officially, most Western nations refuse to recognize this reality, although, off-the-record, they are scrambling to figure out how to deal with the Arab intransigence. The fixation on destroying Israel is another manifestation of the "Arab disease" that the Arabs are not eager to deal with at the moment. But so many Arab nations have, for so long, backed the "Israel must be destroyed" line, that it is seen as too difficult to change now. So the Arab world continues down the path to nowhere, and the rest of world generally stumbles along behind them.

Here in Malaysia, there is no change--and why would there be--from the official government position to support the Arabs and their goals of destroying Israel.  Although the Malaysians will never quite come out and say this (officially). Meanwhile, Malaysia's ally in Tehran continues arming their Palestinian proxies, building their nuclear bomb and evading sanctions, all aided and abetted by their allies in Beijing and Putrajaya.

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