Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Belligerent North Korea ups the ante

Earlier this year, the North Koreans sank a South Korean naval vessel by torpedo, killing 46 South Korean sailors. And just days ago, they revealed a massive new uranium enrichment plant to the world, which pleased no one (except North Korea's ally Iran of course).

Now the starving, cash strapped Norks have upped the ante, by firing artillery on both military and civilian targets in South Korea earlier today.

At least 200 rounds of artillery hit an inhabited South Korean island in the Yellow Sea after the North started firing about 2:30 p.m. local time … South Korea's military responded with 80 rounds of artillery and deployed fighter jets to counter the fire.

At least two died in South Korea, along with a number of injuries and substantial property damage on the South Korean-owned island. Quite predictably, the Norks are blaming South Korea for everything.

The Norks got away with an act of war by sinking the Cheonan, and not surprisingly, they've just committed another act of naked aggression. The only sensible response now for the politicians on the other side (US, RoK and Japan) is to respond with overwhelming force.

But with Hillary and Obama in charge, all we can reasonably expect is another strongly worded letter, followed by appeals to a useless UN for 'stern action'.  What rubbish.  China will appeal for 'restraint' while leaving their bellicose ally entirely blameless.  The aggressor will go unpunished yet again.     

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