Saturday, November 27, 2010

Malaysian Government finally blocking Pedestrian Infidel

And did I mention that Malaysia's government is also vastly hypocritical?  After swearing up and down and round and round to never, ever censor the net, the Muslim Malaysian government shows how much they lie, lie, lie by blocking yet another website that does not follow their Islamic party line. 

That's right, folks, the Malaysian Government is now, as of today, blocking Pedestrian Infidel inside Malaysia. We are in actuality deeply honored, as we join the ranks of sites like Faith Freedom and other esteemed sites that deemed 'too dangerous' for Malaysians to read.

This continues the lengthy Malaysian slash Muslim proclivity  to silence voices that have the temerity to criticise Islam.  As if a supposed non corporeal supreme being like 'Allah' needs to be 'protected' from criticism.  Laughable, but remember, Muslims take this sort of shite absolutely seriously--after all, orders from their 'prophet' command Muslims to murder or otherwise silence the voice of anyone who is less than laudatory of Islam.

Malaysia's ruling Muslims will have to do better than this to shut us up!

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chris J said...

carry on effort their evil exposure...may God Bless you