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Ongoing jihadist recruiting in Malaysian universities

Or as Captain Renault from 'Casablanca' might have deadpanned, "I'm shocked, shocked to find 'militant recruiting' going on in here."

This headline from AFP reads "Malaysian colleges a hotbed for militant recruiting".  Uh, militant what, exactly?  Militant Christianity?  Militant Buddhism?  Militant environmentalism?

Remember that the media encodes their coverage of the Islam's Great Jihad against the World--'militant' is always a codeword for 'a devout follower of Islam' or 'one who wages jihad (violent or otherwise) against kufr,apostates, and other enemies of Islam.'

Besides, since we all, ahem, know that 'militancy' is caused by poverty, a lack of education, and a lack of knowledge of the supposedly peaceful teachings of Islam, shouldn't Malaysian universities be the last place such recruiting would take place?

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia's universities have become prime recruiting grounds for Islamic militants looking for youngsters to draw into terrorist networks, security experts warn.

Unlike neighbouring Indonesia and Thailand, the moderate Muslim-majority nation has remained largely free of terror attacks but there are fears that lax admission policies have created a haven for jihadists. (Of course, the creation of jihadists has absolutely nothing to do with the teachings of the Quran and Islam. Never ever think about that, dear reader!)

A string of arrests and detentions this year have highlighted the growing presence of radicals using Malaysia as a base to sign up supporters and plan attacks.

"The terror threat to Malaysia is very real in terms of terrorists who come in as students," Zamihan Mat Zin, deputy head of the Malaysian Islamic Training Centre, told AFP.

"They are under the radar so they can recruit and create terrorists in our midst," said Zamihan, who is among a group of Muslim scholars engaged by the government to rehabilitate terror suspects in custody. (They're 'under the radar' when your heads are in the sand, yes?)

In June, authorities deported 45-year-old Al-Qaeda-linked Syrian scholar Aiman Al Dakak along with eight other foreigners from Syria, Yemen, Nigeria and Jordan, most of them students. (Most of those places are majority Muslim countries...just a coincidence, n'est-ce pas?)

Al Dakak gave lectures to Malaysian and foreign students at his Kuala Lumpur home, allegedly indoctrinating them with jihadist ideology and urging them to carry out bombings on places of worship in the multi-ethnic nation. (What's the difference between 'jihadist ideology' and Islam? Isn't it a distinction without a difference?)

The following month, engineer Mohamad Fadzullah was detained under internal security laws for trying to recruit students at Malaysia's national university and technical institutes for the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) extremist group.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said after the deportations that the phenomenon was an "unhealthy trend which can affect national security". (Yeah, piles of dead bodies and explosions in major cities can be 'unhealthy'.)

He said foreign militants were using Malaysia as a base to carry out financial transactions, share information and sign up new followers. (emphasis added)

Apparently the wise Muslims who run this country have conveniently forgotten about the last two terrorist kingpins that came from this country.  Both, as it were, were highly educated MUSLIMS who taught in Malaysian universities.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Announcement from Sabah-- We're not letting you leave Islam

Coming out in today's Malaysian paper, The Star, in a most curiously timed announcement, is the Religious Police of Sabah's decree that the Wondrously Tolerant Religion Known as Islam will soon 'enforce' the Islamic apostasy law. (editor's note- for non Malaysian readers, Sabah is one of the states of East Malaysia).

The article that reports this piece of 'good news' (i.e. good for Islam and bad for everybody, Muslims included) is written--actually encoded--in curiously detached and dry language. This sort of doublespeak characterizes fascist ideologies, as well as governments who actively discourage critical thought and an informed citizenry.

So I shall endeavor to decode this article for you, dear readers.  The article is partially shown below, with the decoded text in italics:

The Sabah Islamic Affairs Department (Jheains) will enforce the apostasy law once its faith rehabilitation centre in Kinarut is ready next year, said its director, Datuk Amri A. Suratman.  (A 'Faith Rehabilitation Centre" is doublespeak for an Islamic Prison for Brainwashing and Extortion of the Innocent)

He said enforcement of the law was part of Jheains' five-year strategic plan. (How lovely! A 'plan' to continue denying freedom and ensure the continued enslavement of many and eventually all to Islam. Of course, it's all for your own good!)

Until the rehabilitation centre is ready in June, offenders will be enlightened on the merits of returning to the path of Islam, he told Bernama... ("Enlightened on the merits" means lying to and forcing innocents to remained imprisoned, isolated from their families, friends and livelihoods. Perhaps they should be grateful they aren't executed like other, more devout Muslim countries routinely do to their apostates.)

The conference, among others, touched on scores of Muslim converts, who reverted to their original religions, due to neglect from Islamic religious agencies and non-governmental organisations. (Never mind the actual wishes of these converts!  They're really running away from the so-called 'perfect religion' in droves because the Guardians of Islam aren't watching them close enough. Bah! Does anyone else see the absolute disconnect here from logic and common sense?  You might, but The Star is never going to print what a whole lot of you are thinking.)

Someone should send a memo to the Human Rights Commission or whatever they're called at the UN nowadays. You think that government-backed, government-funded, religious imprisonment like what the Muslims are doing in Sabah, or in any other state in Malaysia, or in any other Musllim country come to think of it, would be enough of a human rights atrocity for someone to wake up and take notice.  But hey, the UN has a lot on their plate right now--after all they are probably too busy getting ready for their next 'Anti Zionist' rally in New York next year. Or maybe they're burning the midnight oil writing up yet another resolution bashing whatever the US and/or Israel is doing at the moment.

And we all know, of course, that pointing out this sort of Islamic fascism is Islamophobic and racist, not to mention contrary to harmony, bridge building, tolerance, mutual respect and all the other political correct bullshit buzz words that are so en vogue right now.

So, now that we all know what '1Malaysia' really looks like, let us celebrate this season of peace and harmony as Malaysia marches on to its mighty future.

URL to the full article: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/12/25/nation/20101225144807&sec=nation

A very merry infidel Christmas

Despite the Malaysian government's best efforts, we're still alive and kicking for our fifth Christmas.  On behalf of my sole remaining co-conspirator, 'Avenging Apostate', we at 'PI' would like to read the few who've stuck with us all these years a very Merry and Most Infidel Christmas. 

Even for non Christians, secularists and Atheists, Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to fight back against Islam. For instance, everyone can sing Christmas carols in front of Muslims, publicly display Christmas decor at home, work or elsewhere, and otherwise take other not-to-be-missed opportunities to otherwise provide a bit of discomfiture to the perennially sensitive and offended Mohammedans.

So I hope we all celebrated this day in our own way. Speaking only for myself, I made sure that I feasted on ham and bacon today!

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The Ghost of the Moderate Muslim

I often-times hear that the people that carry out violent attacks against the West, the people “that claim that they’re Muslims but actually just misunderstand the peaceful religion of Islam” are in the minutest of minorities. They, in fact, are so few, people tell me, that you can count them on your fingers. That the vast majority of Muslims is peace-loving, infidel-liking and they are some of the most stand-up people of our societies. Hell, they even serve in the military!

There are a couple of things that are very irritating about all of this. First, people that feel the need to say “Islam is a religion of peace” every time they mention this godforsaken religion either have no idea about Islam or they feel the need to protect Islam while Muslim terrorists carry out their attacks in accordance with the violent commands in the Quran. Second, if you ask them how they know that the vast majority is peace-loving, they say, “well, there are 1.5 billion Muslims…” (actually there are 1.2 billion. Muslims like bloated figures because it gives them a sense of power) “…you don’t see all of them killing or trying to kill non-Muslims”. It is true. Not all Muslims, heck, not even the majority of the Muslims are seen out killing people. But does that prove that they’re peace-loving? Not by a long-shot.

Consider this example: If I wanted my business rival dead (I don’t have one, but just consider it for a moment) I would most probably not want to kill him/her myself. I would hire an assassin. Why? Because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in prison. Does that mean I am peace-loving when I clearly support the killing of another human being? No, of course not. All that says is that I am party to someone’s murder and hence as guilty, if not more, as the person that actually carries out violent attacks.

Consider another example: If my brother is planning on carrying out an attack on a Western embassy and I have full knowledge about it yet I don’t do anything to stop my brother. In fact, instead of stopping him, I am providing him with the funds to buy the bombs and whatever else he would need. Along with all that, I am also praying for his safety and protecting him in case anyone asks about what he’s up to lately. I don’t ever take part, physically, in any of this, I just support him with words, at times with silence, funds etc etc. Am I not party to it just as much? I mean, who here fails to see that I am involved and support what he’s doing?

How does this relate with the moderate Muslim discussion? Because I know, and I hope others know too that there is no MODERATE MUSLIM out there. I can tell you from personal experience that every single Muslim that I have ever met (and that is a lot of Muslims, I have lived all my life in 3 of the most Muslim countries in the world) supports terrorists (whom they regard as Mujahids, or fighters in the way of Allah). There are many that go on about their daily lives, not ever worrying about killing infidels but they always support these movements in one way or another. Mostly it is done through funds that are given to charity organizations that have those posters saying “For the freedom of Palestine” or something to that effect.

My family loves Islam, Allah and Mohammed. Yet they have never killed an infidel. I know its surprising but they haven’t killed a single one. They even have friends here that are Christians, Hindus, Buddhists etc (not a Jew though, that’s just too much). Do you think they are all out in love with infidels? No! That would be preposterous. And also do you think whenever they meet their “friends” they say, “Hello, I want to kill you!” Again, No! They believe in every word of the Quran as directly from the Almighty (not) Allah. Yet they don’t kill infidels (even though the Quran commands them to). Why not? Because they also want to be part of the society, its that simple. But does that mean they think it ideal, having to live with infidels and deal with them on an equal level or would they prefer to be in power one day just for the fact that they’re Muslims and have a free hand over infidels? Well, they would like the latter a lot. How do I know that? Because I have been part of that kinda discussions a lot.

Muslims are moderate only in public. Behind closed doors they want power, and they want control over infidels. They would never tell on their jihadist brethren because they feel that bond. That bond as though you are family. You never tell on your brother, and you never betray family. And since Muslims are all family, you stand up for each other and lie for each other. That is why they never condemn terrorism. It never perplexes me the way it does some in the west why Muslims don’t come out to condemn terrorism. They don’t because they got nothing against it and in the end it will work out in their favor anyway because if Muslims are in power, Muslims have a higher status as humans than infidels…plain and simple.

So called moderate Muslims are also important for Islam. How do you think these jihadists are going to make money if all Muslims pick up arms and start attacking the West? How are they going to buy arms in the first place? It’s the moderate Muslims. The ones that are such an integral part of your society that provide them with funds to buy guns and bombs. Those nice Muslims that even join the army (!) get paid by your government and then send part of that salary to their jihadist brethren to blow the government officials and their “fellow” citizens to bits. It makes sense that way. They would never come out and cry out against Jihad. It is a part of their religion and their religion is more important than anything else in the world and the hereafter.

And don’t give me that bullcrap about them being afraid for their lives and crap. I am always afraid for my life, yet I take action against Islam the best I can. My wife and I don’t even buy stuff made in the middle east because we know that each product sold means more money to Hamas and Hezbollah and Al Qaida. I speak up. Even though its on blogs and one on one conversations, I speak up against the evil of Islam. If a Muslim’s life is threatened than mine, who used to be a Muslim and now isn’t, is threatened a million times more. People that think we should give Muslims a break should shut the heck up because they have no idea what they’re talking about.

I remember 9/11 very vividly. Mostly because I still hate my reaction to it. I was a Muslim back then and didn’t know any better. But I also remember the reactions of others around me. Imam and normal, clean-shaven Muslim alike. They all celebrated the death of over 3000 innocent people. There is no moderate Muslim. They all believe in Islam and they all believe in achieving the supremacy for Islam. Whether they carry out action themselves or help others do it (and most of them help others, financially or in prayers or other ways), they are equally responsible.