Saturday, March 05, 2011

Islam - A False Religion of Lies, Hate and Violence, Part 4

by A. Sayer

*Muslim Brainwashing*


"Say": = used 303 times (Used in the context of instructing someone to "say" something)


"Say" is most often used in an "if" > "then" context; if someone says such and such, then reply like this:...


Example: [11:35] IF they say, "He made up this story," THEN say, "If I made it up, then I am responsible for my crime, and I am innocent of any crime you commit."


In other instances, the "say" instruction is part of textual conversation that attempts to speculate what others will (might) say in any given argument, so Muslims are rehearsed in what they should respond.


This shows how the Quran is a book of argument and rebuttal to other religions. It is an after-the-fact response TO other religions; a knee-jerk reaction, NOT a book that has been actually inspired BY God, nor is it in harmony with God's Scriptures. It seeks to brainwash and "program" it's followers to be contentious, not inspire them to free thought and emotion,much less peaceful intentions. Is there any wonder why Muslims have trouble thinking for themselves, but rather, always flock to some kind of (radical) Muslim leader?


By the way, for the record, the inspired Scriptures of God do NOT attempt to refute other religions so, nor do they attempt to brainwash or program people in what they should "say" to other religions, as the Quran does. The Scriptures stand on their own and do not depend on the Quran (or any other religious writing) - the Quran draws heavily upon the Scriptures, but, ironically, contradicts most of the Scriptures it attempts to quote, particularly where atonement for sin and salvation by Jesus are concerned.

*A First Hand Experience with Muslim Violence*


Some Muslims today HATE free thought and expression, particularly when it comes to exposing their religion and "prophet" (Muhammad) as false. They simply can't stand it when someone questions Islam or implies that it's not all that it's cracked up to be. Anytime someone does dare cast a negative light on Islam, their first and only thought is getting revenge (to silence any voice that speaks disparagingly of Islam) by KILLING them. They can't solve it by prayer, faith or turning the other cheek, nor can "Allah" silence a challenging voice - they MUST attempt to DO something vicious and lethal themselves.


As a number of writers, like Salmon Rushdie, can attest, speaking out against Islam can be very dangerous. Many anti-Islamic writers have become prime targets for Muslim terrorists, and, over the years, a number of them HAVE been successfully killed (usually in countries other than America).


*This* writer was once such target. One Muslim, who couldn't deal with the hard questions and pointed observations about Islam and Muslims, declared, "Ins Allah ("God willing") - I'll be seeing YOU in __~__ !" (my town). Naturally, this threat was more than enough evidence for the FBI to (swiftly!) pick him up, and he hasn't been heard from since (he used to be quiteprolific on Islamic news groups, posting from ""). Good riddance - the world is a better place without 'im.


Beyond the fact that it was REAL DUMB for him to publicly make such a threat (he had NO business coming to "see me" at all), there's the fact that Muslims think that, because they are not FREE to question Islam, no one else should be. In Islamic countries, even the simplest questions about Islam and the Quran can lead to serious punishment and suffering. I have read several accounts of such punishments, for nothing more than a slight suspicion of Islam voiced in a simple question. If you're a Muslim child, you don't DARE ask about any of the countless contradictions, impossible "logic" or inconsistencies you are certain to encounter!


But, the rest of the non-Muslim world IS free to question Islam, think about it and speak their minds on the subject. This bothers Muslims greatly. It irks them that things like the Scriptures, which the Quran relies so heavily upon, Due to gross incompetence on Muhammad's part, can be used SO effectively AGAINST their false religion. It is a shame and

embarrassment to them, and one which they can't answer by any other means but with the violence called for IN the Quran.

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We MUST continue to queston islam. It is cleary a false and illogical HATE CULT; which must be treated accordingly.
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