Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is a test that I have devised to judge whether a Muslim is moderate or not. It isn’t the most perfect test, of course, but it works. Using this test, so far, I have found many perceived moderate Muslims do be no different than terrorists. Here is how the test goes.

You have to ask the following two questions in the same order as they are presented here:

1) So, you drink alcohol, but do you also eat pork? (This question does not help in judging whether the Muslim is moderate or not. Of course if the Muslim eats pork, he might very well be a moderate but the point of this question is to ease them into thinking that the questioner is truly just asking a question and has no other agenda.)

2) What do you think about Israel? (This is the question the answer to which will help you judge whether a Muslim is truly moderate or not. It is because the issue of Israel is so hot in Muslim minds that you should always ask the first question before you get on to this one. That way, the Muslims don’t just blow up and might, I repeat, might answer in a manner that humans can understand, and not just dogs.)

It takes practice, of course, to remain patient while you hear their response. Sometimes a lot of them say that they are not political but that is very rare. You have to also remember to follow up their answers with more questions. You can actually expose a whole lot of them using this technique. I have done so on many occasions—that is, exposed them left right and center.

I have used the same techniques on Arab Christians and more often than not, I have found them to be no different than Muslim terrorists in the way they think.


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Thanks for this post, brother.

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