Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bin Laden's Last Will and Testament


Allah attests that the love for Jihad and death in the cause of Allah has taken over my life and the Sword Verses have penetrated every cell of my heart, "and kill all the polytheists [infidels] as they fight all of you". And how many times I wake from my sleep and find myself reciting this holy verse. If every Muslim would ask himself why did our Ummah reach to where she is [in a state of] humiliation and defeat, his instinctual response would be, because she has clung to the pleasures of life and tossed the book of Allah [Koran] behind its back and it is the only source that has the cure and success in the here and now and the hereafter. The Jews and Christians have tempted us with the pleasures of life and its cheap delights and they invaded us with their monitory values before invading us with their armies. And we were, like women, did not react, because the love for death in the cause of Allah has departed the hearts.

The true feelings and thoughts of a devout Muslim, fully committed to the cause of Islam. Scary stuff indeed.

The complete UBL will is here.

Hey Muslims, (maybe Muslim commenter 'Deeva'), if you're reading this, could you care to explain how bin Laden is wrong from an Islamic standpoint? I won't be holding my breath, of course.

It is prudent and in fact essential to remember that Bin Laden did not invent Jihad--Islamic Holy War.  He's only following the orders of his 'prophet' and 'god'.

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