Saturday, May 28, 2011

My first post is up at Jihad Watch

I'm honoured that renowned counterjihad Robert Spencer has accepted my first piece I have written for his site, Jihad Watch. The piece, entitled "A Malaysian journey from darkness", can be found here.

And to everyone visiting here from Mr. Spencer's site or elsewhere, thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to stay and look around.  We hope you like what you'll find.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if my previous comments got to you, using my google account, which keeps saying I don't know my password...aaaaarrghhh.
Just wanted to let you know that i read your piece in Jihad Watch, and agree agree.
Keep up the good work, and stay safe.

ChrisLA said...

As a former Peace Corps Volunteer to Malaysia decades ago, I have watched the slow descent of Malaysia into an ideological morass, where non-Muslims have greater privileges and freedoms than Muslims -- the protected class. This can only exacerbate the gap between the primitive Malay Muslims and the non-Muslims who generally dominate the economic and cultural spheres. Keep writing the truth about Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I certainly shall come here often to see what is ongoing in the multi-religious and multi-cultural state of Malaysia. It has been nice seeing your illuminating, thoughtful, serious but still amusing posts in Jihadwatch. Thanks!