Saturday, May 14, 2011

A response to Ms. D

Despite our obscurity here at our divisive, racist, hate-mongering Islamophobic blog, despite being blocked by Muslim governments in the UAE, Malaysia and probably elsewhere, occasionally the Mohammedans find us and leave us comments. And that's where the real fun is, for that's when they share with all of us their full-frontal cognitive dissonance. A lack of critical thinking is something of an Islamic trait.

One such commenter, named 'Deeva', recently left a comment at one of our most remarked-upon pieces, 'Why do people convert to Islam' which was first posted way back in March 2006. Her lengthy comment below, in italics, deserves a thorough, point-by-point debunking. 

There are alot of mistakes people make when it comes to Islam...
1. Jihad doesn't mean "holy war" it means daily struggle.. .. Ex. helping someone across the street is a form of jihad.

Deeva has no number two on her list, but never mind. Our Muslim friend would like us to believe that 'jihad' is as innocuous as helping Granny cross the street. Where could we infidels get the quaint notion that Jihad means holy war?  Oh yeah, from the Muslims themselves, as well as their own religious teachings, put this beyond a shred of doubt.

Why do you care if someone converts to Islam?? It won't affect in you in any way!? Are you like terribly bored and you just want to dis on something? There are plenty of other things to argue about...

Argue about something else? As you yourself say, how does this personally affect you, Deeva?  Apparently Deeva believes, as all devout Muslims do, that their belief system should be beyond all questioning and scrutiny. She doesn't bother explaining why this must be so, because to wonder about anything is beyond argument is in itself heresy if not apostasy (disbelief).  In Islam, the greatest crime is not murder, but skepticism and disbelief.

When you torment Islam you are tormenting jesus,David,Moses,and many more prophets and important people in other religions.

Yes, questioning Islam is torment, of course. Anyways, you were saying that Jesus is a prophet of Islam?  This is patently ridiculous, as Jesus taught people that they should love their enemies. When was the last time anyone taught this concept in a mosque or madrassah? And the Quran, something I've read in a language I understand and something this 'Deeva' almost certainly hasn't, is all about fighting the 'enemies of Islam'.  Besides, the only 'prophet' this blog has ever gone on at length about is the sole prophet is Islam, Mr. Mo himself. Without Mo there would be no belief system known as Islam.

Your anger for Islam make people more eager to see what the fuss about Islam is all about and they would want to convert to Islam too.

So, by this logic, if anger for Islam is doing Islam such an alleged service, why do you so strenuously object to what we write about?  Just a minute ago you said that I should never ever criticize Islam. Now, all of a sudden, it's ok?

When you say these mean things about other religions you are making yourself look bad. In my opinion I think your an atheist or a Christian. If other people saw this they would think your representing Christianity and therefore they might think all christians are rude and dis about other religions.

Muslims think my own religious views, religion or lack thereof are somehow relevant. How or why this is, is of course not explained. Heck, why not accuse me of being a Jew?  Everybody knows that everything bad that happens to Islam or Muslims is the fault of the Jews.

People I know (who arnt Muslim) are really disappointed that someone would say these things.

These dhimmified people, assuming they are real, are free to comment here as much as they want and to their hearts' content. As if the beliefs of a misguided non Muslim are somehow more credible than yours.

I am speaking to the person wrote this article.also I am not speaking for me but for other people on my side. I am a 14 yrs old and plz take my word.

So who made you the spokesperson for Islam?  As for me, I don't pretend to speak for anyone besides myself. I am definitely not 14, Ms. D, and take it from me, as you are a young woman, you clearly have a lot left to learn.  Your Islamic elders have clearly hoodwinked you.

Call me ms d. I'd your going to comment on my comment.

Your grammar is clearly missing something here, but I've had my peace for now.  The ball is now in your court.

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