Saturday, June 04, 2011

Feedback on 'Why Muslim cultures lag behind"

Why Muslim cultures lag behind is bouncing around the blogosphere, garnering plenty of attention and plenty of eyeballs. 

Family Security Matters (here) has some good analysis, as well as constructive criticism of my work.  A brief quote:

The Jihad Watch article is correct and well-intentioned, but woefully lacking itself in explaining why the West has surpassed Islam. Without establishing the broader context of why and how innovation, "devotion," skilled labor and so on exist in the West but not in Muslim culture, the list seems wholly arbitrary. One could easily substitute "honesty," "diet" or "education" for any of the others, or simply add them to the list.

It's good that the article has managed to stimulate a lot of thinking and analysis.  Many minds thinking on a problem is precisely one of the net's strengths.

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