Friday, June 03, 2011

Tyranny and Totalitarianism on hold (for now) -- Malaysian Islamic Party maneuvers ahead of upcoming election

Malaysia's pious PAS party -- the party that wants shariah and an Islamic state in Malaysia -- has decided to put these demands on the proverbial back burner.

PAS eases up on Islamic state ahead of yet-to-be-called general election

KUALA LUMPUR: PAS is not harping on Islamic state anymore as it gears up for the 13th general election. ... PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said it was not time yet to  implement an Islamic state.

Why the switch to taqiyya mode?  Well, it turns out that Malaysia is likely to have a general election in the next six to twelve months. So it's time to put the knives away, turn on the smiles and lie like there's no tomorrow.  I know all politicians lie to some extent, but Islamic theocrats, from PAS or anywhere else, take this dishonesty to a whole new level.  This is standard procedure for PAS in the run up to general elections.

Tell me, Mr. Abdul Hadi. Since shariah is such an enlightened legal system, according to you and its many other backers, and Islam is supposed to be the perfect way of life, then why would you say it's 'not yet time' for your theocratic state? Why downplay what are supposed to be your greatest strengths?

Also, in the Quran there was no mention about an Islamic state, but there was a mention of welfare state, he told a press conference ...

"Under the welfare state concept we have to be kind to all - humans, animals, and the environment. ... Some governments offer free healthcare and education. That should be the way.

Pure distilled taqiyya. Could someone point out the Quranic verses that state that non Muslims are to be treated as equals of Muslims?  And the use of 'welfare' as a buzzword is particularly disingenuous. Government-operated welfare systems the world over are facing bankruptcy. So the word 'welfare' probably means maintaining the Jizya system in Malaysia, where non Muslims are taxed at much higher rates than Muslims, with the resulting funds being ahnded over to Muslims. PAS confirms this extortionary system will continue when they're in charge:

PAS would also continue supporting the special privilege of the Malays [i.e Muslims] and the bumiputra, the bulk of whom were poor, he said.

[He added that] PAS would focus on propagating good governance according to the Islamic principles.

'Good governance', eh?  Well good luck with that. 'Good governance' is something that no Muslim-run party, government, or country has ever managed to accomplish. Muslim-run governments the world over are a veritable horror show of self-inflicted if not pathological self-destruction.

Hadi said PAS would continue garnering non-Muslim support ...

Well this should make it clear why PAS is backtracking from its position favoring shariah and a Islamic (i.e. totalitarian) state. After the elections are over, you can bet your bottom ringgit that they'll quickly resume their agitations for the implementation of complete and savage Shariah law.

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