Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At FrontPage Magazine- A Muslim's arguments rebutted on the persecution of Christians in Malaysia

Now at FrontPage:

Recently I had the unique opportunity to be interviewed by FrontPage Magazine's editor Jamie Glazov. In case you haven't yet read it, the main thrust of the interview was regarding the ongoing persecution of minority non-Muslims in Malaysia at the hands of the Muslim/Malay majority.  The lengthy track record of substandard treatment and discrimination of non-Muslims in general and Christians in particular should make it clear to everyone what's going on in Malaysia and why.

Most of the comments that I received at FrontPage were supportive, but a few comments, apparently from Muslims, were not so charitable. One in particular, from someone called 'Ibrahim', stood out. Namely, his comment stood out in its disingenuousness, its contempt of the truth, and flagrant twisting or outright omission of the facts. Given these characteristics (as well as the writer's occasionally mangled syntax), this writer is almost certainly not only a Muslim, but a fervent Muslim supporter of Malaysia's Muslim-controlled government. So in that regard, this comment stands as yet another useful peek into the cognitive dissonance that critics of Islam have to contend with.

So I've taken the liberty of reproducing most of 'Ibrahim's' comments here and showing just how many lies and distortions a taqiyya-spewing Muslim can pack into one (very long) paragraph...

Read it all.  And try to read the Muslim Ibrahim's 'rejoinder' in the comments. If anyone can make sense of it, feel free to leave a comment or let me know.

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