Sunday, July 03, 2011

Now up at Jihad Watch- The Infidel's Guide to Malaysian Politics

It's probably worse than you think.

In Malaysia, the leftist-Islamist nexus is not just some hypothetical construct, but it is a political fact. (The leftist political party) DAP and the Pro-Shariah party in Malaysia called PAS are, in fact, united in a political alliance called (the) PKR (People's Justice Party). PKR gained significant power in several Malaysian states in the last Malaysian general election in 2008, but has unable to capitalize on those gains. It's been an uncomfortable alliance, with mutual suspicion on both sides, but is held together mainly by the charisma and force of personality of PKR's founder, Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar, for those unfamiliar with the man, is a rather interesting character, a nominal 'moderate' Muslim who emerged from a rather pious Muslim background. At the moment he has his hands full with the Malaysian government prosecuting him for alleged sexual crimes. 

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