Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rick Perry outlines his foreign policy

Texas governor and US presidential candidate Rick Perry has begun to outline his putative foreign policy. From "Perry offers outline of foreign policy platform", by Carrie Dann, MSNBC, accessed 31 August 2011:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry offered the broad outlines of his foreign policy philosophy at an annual gathering of veterans Monday, telling attendees that he opposes "military adventurism" while also advocating for "taking the fight to the enemy" and decrying indecision by "multi-lateral debating societies" at times of international crisis.

"We must renew our commitment to taking the fight to the enemy wherever they are, before they strike at home. I do not believe that America should fall subject to a foreign policy of military adventurism," he said at the annual convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars in San Antonio.  "We should only risk shedding American blood and spending American treasure when our vital interests are threatened."

Well and good, Governor Perry. At least it sounds like a promising start, one that is light years ahead of the current Oval Office occupant.  But as to the 'enemy' that you mention, pray tell who is the enemy, sir, and what beliefs do they follow? Governor Perry, I look forward to your answer to that pertinent question.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Islam is fragile

One of my recent pieces at Jihad Watch was about a new Orwellian-named government unit here in Malaysia, namely something called a 'Faith Rescue Unit'. After the Malaysian authorities learned that there was a handful of Muslims (11 out of more than 100 present) at an interfaith dinner at a Kuala Lumpur-area church earlier this month, they swung into action to minimize the chances of a re-occurrence. Hence the creation of the aforementioned 'rescue unit'. After all, we can't hazard poor Muslims getting help from Christians, who might then feel grateful and might even think of Christians/Christianity in a positive light. For Muslims, that's intolerable. Hating Christianity is hard-wired into Islam and is indeed a very 'Quranic' value.

It's not the first time Muslims have been so paranoid in 'protecting' Muslims from infidel religions or culture.  Islamic governments like Malaysia's heavily restrict competing belief systems, censor books, movies, and TV shows, block websites (including my own), and ban 'harmful' practices like yoga. And of course, Muslim governments outlaw prosetlyzation of Muslims and apostasy from Islam (which Mohammed himself made a capital crime).

So what makes Muslims so terrified of the competition?  Why do Muslims invariably shut down the free market of ideas as soon as they are in a position to do so? It's very strange paranoid behavior, especially for the followers of an ideology invariably described by Muslims as the 'perfect deen' (religion) for all people for all time. Their words say one thing, and their actions quite another.

The only reasonable conclusion is that Islam, like ceramics, may be hard, but it is also brittle and inflexible. One crack in the edifice can lead to total failure. It goes a long way in explaining why Muslims either modernize with great reluctance, or more often, militantly oppose all manner of modern innovations -- which explains the near-total lack of scientific research and innovation in the entire Islamic world for many centuries now.

Muslims know, deep down, that Islam cannot long survive contact with modern life or 21st century civilization.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The right way to respond to a rioter at your doorstep

Here's the right way to handle a rioter who might be destroying your neighborhood. Or who might be destroying your own home/business.

It's too bad this sort of energetic defense is, in essence, criminalized under long-standing UK statutes.

I was talking to a British acquaintance of mine about the recent riots in his country. He told me that he wasn't too worried because of the fact that Britain in general (and London in particular) have the world's largest CCTV surveillance systems.  And that was plainly enough for him to 'solve' the issue of the riots.

Later, I thought that a CCTV system may be great for investigations and prosecutions after the fact. But what help are CCTV systems when a rampaging mob is smashing through your neighborhood?  When a horde of looters is breaking into your property?  When the horde is at your door and about to set fire to your home?  When the thugs are stealing the very clothes from your back, CCTV does, in fact, very little good indeed.

When the police are hours or days away, and you need them right f*cking now, what is the best alternative to protect one's self, property or family?

The Americans, and their Second Amendment, have long gotten it right. Armed self defense is not just reasonable -- it's a sign of intelligence.

Too bad the Brits are going to take away exactly the opposite lesson from their riots of 2011.

Monday, August 01, 2011

A sign of Malaysian support

I've been a lone wolf in my own country for so long that I had forgotten about the possibility of finding anyone in cyberspace or the blogosphere (who was also Malaysian) that agrees with my position regarding Islam.

Until I found out about this site: Malaysian Defence League.  It has little in the way of content as of this writing, but seeing just a flash of support is heartening (see the very bottom).

It's my honour to return the favour. Whoever is behind this site has my complete support. So I've added this site to the Pedestrian Infidel sidebar under 'Friends and Allies'. It's nice to have some more co-combatants in the fight, especially those of the local variety.

The full URL is https://malaysiandefenceleague.wordpress.com/