Saturday, August 13, 2011

The right way to respond to a rioter at your doorstep

Here's the right way to handle a rioter who might be destroying your neighborhood. Or who might be destroying your own home/business.

It's too bad this sort of energetic defense is, in essence, criminalized under long-standing UK statutes.

I was talking to a British acquaintance of mine about the recent riots in his country. He told me that he wasn't too worried because of the fact that Britain in general (and London in particular) have the world's largest CCTV surveillance systems.  And that was plainly enough for him to 'solve' the issue of the riots.

Later, I thought that a CCTV system may be great for investigations and prosecutions after the fact. But what help are CCTV systems when a rampaging mob is smashing through your neighborhood?  When a horde of looters is breaking into your property?  When the horde is at your door and about to set fire to your home?  When the thugs are stealing the very clothes from your back, CCTV does, in fact, very little good indeed.

When the police are hours or days away, and you need them right f*cking now, what is the best alternative to protect one's self, property or family?

The Americans, and their Second Amendment, have long gotten it right. Armed self defense is not just reasonable -- it's a sign of intelligence.

Too bad the Brits are going to take away exactly the opposite lesson from their riots of 2011.

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JJEV said...

Overall, any problem in the UK such as this always seems to end up with a kind of Orwellian solution as the preferred option. For example after the Vancouver BC riots over the Stanley Cup loss, the Vancouver police encouraged those with mobile phone cameras and Facebook accounts to send in pictures and reports of any of their contacts online who had bragged about participating in the riots. The result was fantastic! The UK police after these riots? Never even asked for such help on this basis - and all the British government could seem to do was talk about "forbidding" the use of social networking such as BBMs and Facebooking. How very... Iranian Reolutionary Guard of them. I am ALWAYS puzzled how the British, who invented the Magna Carta after all, could have slipped so far away from the notion of individual liberties and voluntary cooperation with law enforcement into this weird, nearly totalitarian world-view of literally disarming the populace and then making threats as if that were going to improve the situation. It's just plain weird.