Wednesday, September 07, 2011

We need prayers for Youcef -- an Iranian convert from Islam to Christianity under sentence of death

For everyone who is reading this, please read and pass along the news of an Iranian named Youcef Nadarkhani. He is a married 34 year old Persian, sentenced to death by the Islamic Republic of Iran's highest court, for committing the 'crime' of converting out of Islam, as well as proselytizing to Muslims as a Christian minister. For the moment, his legal team is trying to get the sentence of death commuted on a technicality. But the odds of this being successful in the kangaroo courts of Sharia-ruled Persia appear to be very grim indeed.

If there ever was a miracle needed, to save an innocent man's life, now is the time for one. Please pass this along to everyone you know, especially to our elected officials, and let us pray to the Almighty or Whoever for that miracle.

Full story here: (link)

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christian soldier said...

Youcef is now in my prayers-