Monday, October 31, 2011

The 'new' Libya: megalomania out, sharia in

Or, in other words, one step forward and two steps back. And with any Islamic country, you know that the next megalomaniac is never too far away.

It's fairly obvious now what's happening in Libya -- the so-called 'Arab spring' in that besotted land is more like the onset of an Islamofascist slash jihadist deep freeze. Sharia, it has been announced, will be the foundation for the new government. All laws that are contradictory to sharia will be swept away. In fact the flag of Al Qaeda already flies over Benghazi, the seat of the uprising that eventually swept Gaddafi from power ... and eventually killed him in an orgy of violence that included the late tyrant being sodomized with a knife. Look at the grisly video on Youtube only if you have a strong stomach for senseless mob violence.

And it turns out that Libya's Western friends are none too happy with these 'unforeseen' developments, something that any reader of counterjihad blogs could have told any policy maker in the West or any NATO functionary many months ago.

TRIPOLI, Libya — It was just a passing reference to marriage in a leader's soberly delivered speech, but all week it has unsettled women here as well as allies abroad.

In announcing the success of the Libyan revolution and calling for a new, more pious nation, the head of the interim government, Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, also seemed to clear the way for unrestricted polygamy in a Muslim country where it has been limited and rare for decades.

It looked like a sizable step backward for women at a moment when much here — institutions, laws, social relations — is still in play after the end of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi's 42 years of authoritarian rule.

Polygamy is "a sizable step back"? Isn't that an awfully Islamophobic thing to say?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good riddance Gaddafi

Gaddafi the buffoon, tyrant, terrorist, megalomaniac, and killer is dead. I confess that I will shed no tears at his passing. Unsurprisingly, he was shot to death as he made a last, Fuhrer-bunker style last stand in his hometown of Sirte. As the saying goes, "Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword."

The problem is what will likely replace him in Libya: a sharia-compliant pious Islamic jihadist regime, one that is also at odds with freedom, the West, and other belief systems. No doubt you've already heard about the last Jew in Libya, who came back from exile in an attempt to re-open a long-shuttered synagogue, only to be literally run out of town on a rail. All good Muslims know that there's no place for Jews in Muslim-ruled lands.